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Young men and women meet Dutch act suspected someone called the police girl hijacked – Sohu News China Weinan daily news (reporter Wang Peimin) police said someone hijacked a girl hostage rescue plan, according to the police out of the police, even the snipers have deployed to the scene, they found a pair of young men and women suspected of "meet the Dutch act". At 1:30 pm yesterday, there was a police alert at the middle of Huayue Avenue, Huayin. Someone called the police said, a hotel room 6 building, a girl was kidnapped boy. Police, Swat and dozens of armed police arrived in succession, set up cordon outside the hotel. The hotel security Zhang, room 6 Building 612 room, about 2:30 in the afternoon, a young girl arm injured by the police out of the hotel, but the boy had been a standoff with the police, about 6 pm topless boy was stretchered out of the hotel to send the police ambulance. "Boy’s neck hurts, still bleeding."." Lao Zhang said. The hotel receptionist told China Daily reporter, someone’s boy surnamed Li, 20 years old. From the police to grasp the situation, the two people because of emotional problems committed suicide possibility is greater, can not completely exclude the suspicion of hijacking hostages, the case is still under investigation in the specific circumstances. At present, the boy is still in hospital for treatment, no major ailments girl.

青年男女疑似相约自杀 有人报警称女孩遭劫持-搜狐新闻   华商报渭南讯(记者 王培民)有人报警称一女孩被劫持,警方按照营救人质预案出警,连狙击手都部署了,到现场却发现是一对青年男女疑似“相约自杀”。昨日下午1时30分许,华阴市华岳大道中段一酒店出现警情。有人报警称,酒店6楼一间客房里一女孩被男孩劫持。民警、特警及武警数十人相继赶到,在酒店外围设置警戒线。   该酒店保安老张介绍,事发房间为6楼612房,大约下午2时30分许,一名胳臂受伤的年轻女孩被民警带出酒店,但男孩一直与警方僵持,下午6时左右赤裸上身的男孩被民警用担架抬出酒店送上救护车。“男孩脖子有伤,还在流血。”老张说。酒店前台服务员告诉华商报记者,涉事男孩姓李,20岁出头。   从警方掌握的情况看,两人因情感问题相约自杀的可能性较大,不能完全排除有劫持人质之嫌,案件具体情况还在进一步侦办中。目前,男孩仍在医院救治,女孩无大恙。相关的主题文章: