You can take the 300 thousand tough holiday turned around the world (video)

You can take 300 thousand vacation turned tough throughout the world [Abstract] once a year to the Mid Autumn Festival, believe that self driving travel plans have been made a lot of friends. Today we recommend four 300 thousand yuan tough grade SUV, they all have excellent trafficability and rigidity of the body, take you around the world is not a dream. You can take the 300 thousand tough holiday turned around the world and to the Mid Autumn Festival once a year, on the three day of a small holiday, I believe many car enthusiasts have made plans to travel. Whether you are ready to come in a prairie or long-distance travel, or go to the suburbs to a barbecue or camp, a tough level SUV is essential. Today we recommend four 300 thousand yuan level SUV, they may be different from the CR-V, the Tiguan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), they both looked up are full of masculine temperament. Either, rigid body or four-wheel drive system, the SUV has a performance in the rise above the common herd. Even if you want to travel all over the world, they are not ambiguous. You can take the 300 thousand tough holiday turned around the world car manufacturers guide price (yuan) Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X17.88-25.38 Guangzhou MITSUBISHI Pajero Jin Chang Jiangling 20.88-31.58 · Ford 26.58-36.08’s Jeep Guangzhou road to shake free light (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 20.98-31.58 Tencent car tab recommended models: Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X official guide price: 17.88-25.38 million Sui Yuan said the new car – Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X last month, Jiangxi Isuzu officially announced that the new Isuzu mu-X models officially listed, the new car price and cash models remain the same for 17.88-25.38 million, the main changes focus on appearance and interior details. Isuzu mu-X Isuzu mu-X is famous D-MAX (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) pickup version of SUV, the biggest difference is of course not the cargo compartment, to SUV body, MU-X adopts the non bearing body, a crossbeam type chassis structure. In the eyes of many people, this means that is a member of the SUV line. If you do not have what impression of Isuzu SUV, don’t underestimate the Isuzu made SUV level, to know the the Great Wall motor hover H3 (ginseng product family, pictures, inquiry) is copy, and the Isuzu axiom. Changes in the appearance of new Isuzu mu-X smaller, the main focus of the front fog lamp and other daytime running lights were optimized, and 18 inch wheels optional Aluminum Alloy a new style. Isuzu mu-X back to the car, the overall shape of mu-X tough, front double width chrome strip on both sides of the front face and sharp headlights combination, the fog lamp grille at the bottom of the front bumper is also equipped with the LED daytime driving lights. In addition, the Isuzu mu-X tail shape design also full, rear window and the junction of the same color with a lot of people taste. Isuzu mu-X Isuzu mu-X interior plain, T in.相关的主题文章: