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Web-Design The art of blogging .es alive with WordPress 2.2 theme. Those who love blogging know how helpful WordPress is. WordPress in short is publishing software that allows one to create the physical look of a blog. When you are creating a blog, you obviously want to be read and appreciated. WordPress helps you to create a blog that is pleasing to the eye and easy to run and maintain. WordPress offers free themes that you can download and install very easily. There are thousands of themes available. Simply choose the ones that fit and match your content and install them. You can very well use a new theme every day. With WordPress 2.2 theme you can skin your blog the way you want. Great New Features WordPress 2.2 was first introduced in 2007. Today, there are many new features to WordPress 2.2 theme. Widgets have been included in the core code. If you are using an earlier version of WordPress you would have to get widget as a plug-in. Now customizing you weblog is so easy with this new widget ready version. With simple drag-and-drop steps you can effortlessly customize your weblog. The new WordPress 2.2 also offers bloggers an easy and effective way to edit .ments. The new blogger importer will allow you to use the latest version of Google blogger and other import posts. It also features built-in protection against accidental activation of plug-ins that might break your blog. Moreover, it has better Spam protection. Classic and default WordPress themes will be widgetized with the latest version 2.2. Choose The Right Theme With WordPress 2.2 theme downloading and installing a new theme has be.e lot easier. To choose the right theme for your blog you need to spend some time checking out the themes available. While choosing a theme see whether it provides you improved navigation. Do you like the colors? Do the colors match with the content of your site? Is it easy to read the content? Is there space for everything? Are the links easily visible and yet not distracting the reader from the content? Do the icons, symbols and graphics .plement the site? These are some of the basic questions that you should ask yourself before you install the theme. You also need to decide the right layout for your blog. Your imagination and needs will be the two main criteria dictating the type of layout you choose. The basic standard layouts available include, Single Column, Two Column, Three Column, Four Column, and Photoblog. Theme Should Match The Content While choosing a theme or themes you have to ensure that they go with the content or message of your blog. Once you have a visitor you would like the visitor to stay on and read your blog. You would also like him/her to leave a message. For that you would have to first ensure that you catch the attention of the visitor. To create that first impression you need to create a visually appealing blog. Once you have the right WordPress 2.2 theme for your blog, you are all set for more visitors and greater appreciation. However, make sure that your content provides the information that visitors would be seeking. After all there is no point in having a great-looking weblog with poor content. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: