Will become a Yuantong express the first Zhao Wei will benefit tens of millions txc.cc

Yuantong will become A shares "express first shares" Zhao Wei will benefit tens of millions of the Mid Autumn Festival, you have received the WeChat group inside friends red hair? Daily economic news reporters after the opening, often only a few dollars. But life winner Zhao Wei is not the same, in the Mid Autumn Festival, she received a value of tens of millions of red envelopes! Yuantong will become A shares "express first shares" has attracted the attention of the industry A shares "express first shares" struggle, finally results. On September 14th, the day before the Mid Autumn Festival, dowin announced that the Yuantong express dowin backdoor program approved by the SFC approval. Not surprisingly, tact will lead SF, Shen Tong, rhyme and pass, become the first private express shares. Statistics show that in January this year, Yuantong Express announced backdoor listing in July 28th, dowin approved by the SFC, the relevant matters issued shares to buy assets to its suits, now the backdoor listing approved by the SFC approval. Dowin announcement: in September 13th the company received the Commission on the approval of the Dalian Limited by Share Ltd "dowin major asset restructuring and to Shanghai Yuantong Dragon Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., approved the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds". According to the restructuring plan, dowin intends to sell all of the assets and liabilities, and to issue shares to acquire 100% stake in Yuantong express, the transaction price of 17 billion 500 million yuan. Daily economic news reporter noted, Dayang creation also announced that it had received four senior executive chairman and general manager of the company, including the turnover report, are the reasons for leaving for personal reasons". Analysts pointed out that the turnover is actually the original executive dowin dragon group successfully entered the new shareholders prepare. Behind Zhao Wei will benefit tens of millions of a backdoor listing, will undoubtedly be a capital feast of related parties, including actor Zhao Wei Ali and latent will undoubtedly be profitable. In fact, as early as May 2015, the Alibaba group announced joint Yunfeng new investment strategy was the rumor, Yuantong express, investment cooperation or the amount of over 10 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the shares to the tact, but Ali on rumors of market price and the proportion of shares are denied, the specific amount and the share of the outside world does not clear. According to the disclosure of dowin documents, Ali and Yunfeng new venture in 2015 is actually the total price of 2 billion 520 million yuan, respectively, 12% and 8% stake in Yuantong express. In the backdoor listing after the completion, the total share capital will dowin sharply increased to 2 billion 821 million shares, the shareholding ratio of the new venture, Yun Feng Ali will be diluted, but still will hold 11.09% and 6.43% of the shares, ranked second and third largest shareholder. According to the Securities Research Report is expected after the listing, a market value will reach 47 billion 300 million yuan, a rough calculation, after the listing of Ali in Yuantong Fuying will reach billions of dollars. As one of Yunfeng new shareholders, Zhao Wei had invested 75 million yuan, holding 2.4422%, is expected to Yuantong after the listing, Zhao Wei will have tens of millions of profit. .相关的主题文章: