Why NBA players are getting shorter The wingspan is a kind of Art-pork face

Why are the NBA players getting shorter? Arms show is becoming a kind of art on the importance of arm show, sina sports height is everyone can use basketball talent, but long-term tracking NBA player’s body but exposed an embarrassing truth: height is not as good as before. For decades, NBA championship has always been a long race, from George – Mccann to Bill – Russell, to Kareem – Abdul – Jabbar, the great giants dominate the court. But 30 years ago, the influence of the long men on the game began to decline. In 90s, the court will only occupy space "lump" (such as Chris Dudley) in the Michael Jordan era has become more and more have no value, but the League each position players continue to increase in height, 2000-01 reached the peak season, the players for the average height of 2 meters 03. Height tends to be stable since NBA players, the highest big man did not continue to grow, like ants and spiders are not like old horror movie parasites in the body as huge monster. Every inch of height means weight gain, and eventually gives them an unbearable weight (2 meters, 26 meters, Yao Ming’s career is so short). Plus, 10 years ago, NBA teams started to develop three points, and the focus shifted to the perimeter, and the little guys took over the game. Even so, many teams still want to get height advantage from taller people. Objectively speaking, however, the alliance overestimates its value. In the 2011 study, my colleague, Tom, and clenbuterol, surveyed the height and field contributions of the players who joined the league in 1996, and found that 4 positions were the most efficient, and the height was lower than the average height at the same position, except for the small forward. For example, the average score of NBA guard is 1 meters 96, but the average efficiency of 1 meters 91 is 13.6, and the same position is first. If height is a drag, what does it mean for the team to get taller? The enthusiasm for the big disaster in 2013, 6 NBA teams selected 7 feet long in the first round, watched the results they were shorter more agile Mason Plumlee. Not surprisingly, Nicks has become one of the most funny forced the losers, they use a future lottery pick to Andrea – 7 feet baniyani, then become a classic trading joke. In the past few seasons, the league’s smartest general managers and experts have made an obvious change when it comes to the size of players, simply saying that height is out of date, and arm development is more important. Short hand is the loss of the height of the arm player can bring more help to the team, such as capping, grabbing cricket, without sacrificing flexibility – and this is the fatal injury of the traditional giants. Each age has hand knee players – Celtic legend Kevin Mchale can not stoop tie – today many young superstars have super arms. Normal human arms and approximately equal height, like Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous figure of human body proportion. But Leonard Kawai height is 2 meters 01, wingspan has reached a staggering 2 meters 21; Kevin Durant 2 meters tall and 08, but the wingspan is 2 meters 26.

为什么NBA球员变矮了?臂展正成为一种艺术 论臂展的重要性   新浪体育讯  身高是每个人都能使用的篮球天赋,但长期跟踪NBA球员的身体却暴露一个尴尬的真相:身高不像以前那样好用。   几十年来,NBA总冠军总是长人的角逐,从乔治-麦肯到比尔-拉塞尔再到卡里姆-阿卜杜尔-贾巴尔,伟大的巨人统治球场。但在30年前,长人对比赛的影响开始衰落。上世纪90年代,那些只会占据球场空间的“傻大个”(比如克里斯-达德利)在迈克尔-乔丹时代变得越来越没有价值,但联盟每个位置的球员身高继续在增长,2000-01赛季达到顶峰,球员平均身高为2米03。   自此NBA球员的身高趋于稳定,最高的大个子没有继续长高,就像蚂蚁和狼蛛无法像旧恐怖电影里寄生在庞然大物身上一样。身高每长一点,意味着体重的增加,最终给他们身体带来无法承受之重(2米26米的姚明职业生涯如此短暂)。再加上10年前NBA各队开始开发三分价值,比赛重心转移到外线,小个子接管比赛。   即使这样,很多球队还是希望从高个子身上获得身高优势。然而客观地说,联盟还是高估了它的价值。在2011年的研究中,我的同事汤姆-哈布斯特罗调查了自1996年进入联盟的球员的身高和场上贡献,发现有4个位置最有效率的身高低于同位置平均身高,只有小前锋例外。比如NBA得分后卫平均身高1米96,但1米91的分卫平均效率值达到13.6,同位置排第1。如果身高反而拖累表现,那球队追求高个子有何意义?   这种对大个子的狂热最终在2013年引发灾难,6支NBA球队在首轮选中7尺长人,结果眼睁睁看着他们被更矮更敏捷的梅森-普拉姆利打爆。尼克斯毫不意外成为最逗逼的输家,他们用一个未来乐透选秀权换到7英尺的安德里亚-巴尼亚尼,然后就成为经典的交易笑话。过去几个赛季,联盟最聪明的总经理和专家们在谈到球员体型时发生了明显改变,简单说就是身高已经过时,臂展才更重要。 手短就是吃亏   身高臂长的球员可以给球队带来更多帮助,比如封盖、抢地板球,同时不用牺牲灵活性——而这是传统巨人的致命伤。每个年代都有手可过膝的球员——凯尔特人传奇凯文-麦克海尔不用弯腰就可系鞋带——今天很多年轻的超级明星就有超级臂展。   正常人的臂展大致和身高相等,就像列昂纳多-达芬奇著名的人体比例图。但卡哇伊-莱昂纳德身高是2米01,臂展却达到惊人的2米21;凯文-杜兰特身高2米08,但臂展是2米26;安东尼-戴维斯在2012年选秀体测时身高2米11,臂展是2米28,那时候他只有19岁,现在可能更长。根据《体育基因》作者大卫-艾普斯特恩的资料,NBA球员的臂展身高比达到1.063,高于马凡氏综合征(遗传性结缔组织疾病,四肢、手指、脚趾细长不匀称)。   联盟最好的球队已经将臂展演变成艺术。除了史蒂芬-库里的天赋,为什么勇士总能在对手面前投篮?他们如何破坏对方防守?勇士其他四名首发身高大概在2米01到2米13,但平均臂展是2米13。这可不是巧合,去年勇士用唯一的选秀权,在首轮末段选中19岁的UCLA球员凯文-鲁尼,后者臂展达到2米23,张开双臂就像秃鹰。当整支球队都有这样的臂展时,真不知道勇士的极限在哪里。   当勇士在联盟里所向披靡时,世界上最依靠身高天赋的比赛已经在横向演进。相关的主题文章: