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Who used in Beijing, there are 264 Suites? Current Tenants: early auction is now our former richest man who used in Beijing, there are 264 Suites? Current Tenants: early property auction, now we each reporter Zhao Tianyu Chen Pengli Chinese’s richest man, former president of Mu Qizhong neg after his release has been a concern. Recently, a network text will he and Zhu Shijian et al. For comparison, rumors Nande group headquarters in Beijing has 264 sets of family housing, may become the capital who used to stage a comeback. Reporters noted that the earliest source of the 264 suites source, released who used only designated agent of Xia Zongwei "on the statement" after the release of Mr. mu (hereinafter referred to as the "Mu release statement"): "at present, neg has been reduced to ruins, with headquarters in Beijing has 264 sets of residential is" looting empty, it is "no, without a tiny bit of land." Since then, the Internet appears on the 3 buildings who used the stage a comeback. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that Xia Zongwei referred to the 264 sets of residential, is located in Beijing Mentougou new district. Reporters rushed to the scene to understand, does this Nande Group buy and hold real estate, Newbridge community No. 10, No. 11, No. 14, No. 15 was south of real estate. However, many owners said in a letter of credit fraud in the neg, staff quarters South has been recovered and the court auction, the property rights belong to individuals, by the owners from the court auction. Newbridge community out: Wushirenfei "daily economic news" reporter in the query "South Beijing Industrial Company to pay attention to the business information, the legal representative of the company as" Mou Qizhong (who used Ceng Yongming) ", the enterprise status has been revoked. However, according to the company’s address for the "Bridge Road in Mentougou District of Beijing City, No. 15". At the same time, Nande Group official website a 1999 "indictment" of Hubei Province, Wuhan City People’s Procuratorate and the 2000 "Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court of criminal verdict" showed neg credit fraud case involved Mou Qizhong, Mou Chen et al. (NEG staff) address are "Beijing City, Mentougou New District 14." These two points to the same place, which is located in Mentougou District of Beijing City Bridge Street Bridge community. Reporter then went to the site to verify. A lot of people, full of life, but the appearance of residential building has been outdated — this is the new community gives the visual impression. The community building number is a "Bridge Road No. XX", the reporter consulted a real estate intermediary that Xinqiao Road No. 10, building 11, 5 units, No. 14, No. 15, 8 units. Newbridge Road No. 10, No. 11, No. 14, No. 15 South was the purchase of real estate." A man who claimed to have worked in the Housing Authority, building 14 households told reporters: this district was built in 1992 (but the chain of real estate is shown in the district was built in 1992). The household pointed out to reporters at the same time, the former Nande group "in Mentougou’s arrears on相关的主题文章: