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Whether Apple Samsung or Meizu once the market is facing a mistake into the September, the mobile phone industry, black swan events occur frequently. The Samsung Note7 battery explosion sound has not yet subsided occasion, an American iPhone users posting on social software said their iPhone7 Plus will make a noise in the heavy task situation, after many users have a message that has the same situation. The user also uploaded a video to confirm his claim that, from the video to be able to hear, iPhone7 noise is like a bad speaker. The user then made contact with apple AppleCare, and got Apple’s response, you can change the new machine". In fact, whether it is apple, Samsung or Meizu, the cost of making mistakes is to be eliminated. We should put consumers first in their own mobile phone brand, there are many enterprises have been exposed security problems. For example, Meizu again user security risks. The 9 month time released 15 mobile phone companies, 2015 information leak storm just after September this year exposed the operating system is compromised, many users encounter hackers extortion. "Why we can rise so quickly, because they always make a mistake, you can imagine that they would fall in the basic skills, this is a revelation to us to avoid making mistakes, to all customers as the center." A private multinational executives in the country to accept the daily economic news reporter, said. That just took the cool CEO Liu Jiangfeng interview, "cool this" small company "have the opportunity, I believe that several companies now in front of the row next year there will be a problem, then waiting for others to make mistakes you rob (market)." If only waiting for others to make mistakes, and then took the opportunity to eat meat, is waiting. But then Liu Jiangfeng thinking that confidence, we can see, in the city of the first king of the flag of the mobile phone market, there are always some rules to follow. In a competitive market, shuffling is something that can happen at any time. Motorola, NOKIA these hegemony seems to be an instant thing. In 2011 HTC and HTC, standing in the intelligent mobile phone outlet, Samsung had overshadowed the limelight, become many people’s first intelligent mobile phone, it was worth $33 billion 800 million, reaching 15% in the global mobile phone market share, Android mobile phone manufacturers ranked first. But 4 years later, HTC’s market value fell to only 6 billion 500 million yuan (about $1 billion), lower than the cash reserve, the global multiple rounds of layoffs to reduce operating costs. 2014, the domestic mobile phone market Samsung and Lenovo first, second. In the rise of the open channel, Lenovo in the Chinese market has almost no shadow. Served as executive vice president of Lenovo Liu Jun said recently in an interview, "Samsung and Lenovo since disarray, only the HUAWEI and OPPO opportunities." HUAWEI habits will be attributed to the success of consumer centric, R & D drive innovation; OPPO, VIVO two steps.相关的主题文章: