What is the political risk from the US general election to the Italy constitution whereisip

What is the political risk from the US general election to the Italy constitution? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: from the United States presidential election to the constitutional change in Italy, the political risks of gold mean? The United States presidential election in the first round of debate, the market risk will increase, the price of gold gold frustrated, Thursday (September 29th) has dropped to near $1320. However, political uncertainty is still providing support for gold, which includes not only the U.S. election, as well as Italy constitutional change. But need to be wary of is gold, more or less from these political crises have tasted the sweetness, but the political risk is temporary, gold will not continue to rally. The United States presidential election in the first round of debate [gold] frustrated American election after the first debate, the market believes that the Democratic candidate Hilary in the first round of the television debates in the performance is stronger than the Republican candidate Teplan, the market risk will increase, gold hit. Spot gold on Thursday (September 29th) a week early highs has dropped more than $20, at $1320.96 an ounce. ABN AMRO commodity strategist Georgette Boele said, overall, the market sentiment has no support for gold. Popularity has deteriorated. Stronger dollar against the price of gold. Gold prices fluctuate within a narrow range of $1300-1350, this trend may continue, due to the lack of significant news. Some market participants said that a hot topic, the election is still the market poll shows that relatively in Pulang Hilary’s support rate advantage is not very obvious, this may limit the decline in the price of gold. Despite the CNN (CNN) after the debate on the people to do a survey found that 62% of respondents believe that Hilary will win, and 27% of respondents support Trump. But other polls have objections. [political uncertainty is to provide support for gold] Goldman commodities director Jeff Currie said, gold since 2016 recorded more than 20% of the rally, in part because the election uncertainty increases the attractiveness of gold. Jeff Currie pointed out that there are a lot of political risk in the market, gold has a strategic goal, which is in the period of uncertainty investors tend to buy hard assets, gold has been used as a means of political risk hedge. As early as August 26, 2016, Reuters also predicted that the Democratic presidential candidate will win a landslide victory. But just three weeks later, the electoral landscape has changed dramatically. (red area representatives to support Trump) there is still a lot of uncertainty in the U.S. presidential election, compared to Trump and no obvious advantage of the, which provides support for the uncertainty of gold. Nobel, a professor at Columbia University, Stiglitz (Joseph) on Monday (September 19th), said that President Jo Trump finally won the presidential election on相关的主题文章: