Wang Ouliang Milan fashion week boudoir live show queen fan – in Beijing doat

Wang Ouliang Milan fashion week broadcast boudoir new network show queen fan – in September 21st to September 26th, in nearly a week, Milan Fashion Week fashion big show fashion eye-catching attracted global women’s eyes. As an international top fashion event, France and the United States PA (MedSPA) for help "Nirvana in Fire" "the pretender" and hot mainland actor Wang Ou shine Milan fashion week, and live in the open private boudoir gull Queen Hotel launch just ten minutes, there are nearly sixty thousand fans watching. Fans should be strong demand, the queen in the dressing at exposed skin gull tips, also personally demonstrate the United States PA B5 repair spray moisturizing, elegant style of the queen every twinkle and smile. Gull queen live spray spray beauty PA insiders know that the quarterly Milan fashion week not only released the next quarter of the global fashion products, but also the world’s high-end fashion brand exposure stage, so the fashion media, celebrities, well-known brands of large coffee have appeared in Milan to the major show. It can be said that the Milan fashion week gathered the most famous designers, the most fashionable fashion media, the most popular in the circle of the most high-end brand, leading the fashion trend. The fashion week in Milan, France and the United States PA MedSPA as the restoration of the medical beauty brand first shine Milan fashion week, following the March 2016 power Ma Su in the Paris fashion week, the second bloom in the international top fashion hall, by the top fashion gurus like. Wang Ou porcelain muscle vermilion elegant and sexy debut Milan fashion week leggy goddess Wang Ou is Qin Prajna and Wang Manchun, more fashionable dress is fine beauty skin care drill. Wang Ou not only in the award ratings top spy drama "the pretender" in the anti one Wang man, also played in the TV series "persistent" Nirvana in Fire in Qin as weak, her natural white skin and maintenance a delicate temperament, she makes it easy to navigate the different fine characters, role the hearts of the people, the hundred-percent screen ring fly gull queen. In the Milan fashion week, after ten hours long flight female gull queen, is also the major show how to best the best color style in the Milan fashion week, exhibition Oriental female beauty? What is the secret weapon behind her skin? Star war top fashion stage beauty secret queen gull carry beauty PA B5 repair spray airborne Milan fashion week in September 22nd eight, before dinner, live big public boudoir night live, bursting with popularity, more than 50 thousand people gathered in a short time, look back the number of more than more than 660 thousand people. Let all the fans have seen the Queen’s exclusive possession: Ou her favorite vitamin B5 repair spray. The European queen exposes for filming activities and long time flying, B5 repair spray is her secret weapon, moisturizing effect, make makeup more fit, and can repair the skin effectively because of the exhaustion of sensitive skin care products, make better skin absorption. This suddenly detonated broadcast, many fans constantly refresh, mad asked skin artifact of the goddess. France and the United States PA (MedSPA) vitamin B5 repair spray, from the Old French Vosges mountain hot springs, where temperature!相关的主题文章: