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Wang Jianlin’s new view: with heavy four countermeasures for overseas consumption pull back – Sohu technology introduction today, 2016 fifast Business Expo and the tenth Wanda business will be a grand opening in beijing! In the afternoon of China’s consumer economy innovation and development forum, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin called for overseas consumption to pull back country". He pointed out that want to pull back, one is to study the reasons for the rapid growth of overseas consumption; two is the top-level policy design system; the second is to promote domestic brands; the four is to control the phenomenon of counterfeiting. In fact, it is not only a serious economic problem, but also a social problem which is difficult to avoid. Why did Wang Jianlin make such an appeal? Look at the analysis and judgment of his — source: Wanda Group (micro signal: guojiwanda) the overseas consumption back in Wang Jianlin (August 25, 2016) the title of my speech today relates to consumer supply side reform topic, the topic is the overseas consumption back in china. At present, the global economy including Chinese economic growth is slowing, exports and investment to economic growth in China greatly reduced, now is the most important contribution to China economic consumption, we also expect to promote the consumption of China. We study the consumption of two aspects, one is to study how to make up the domestic consumption, just a lot of experts and scholars have provided a very good proposal. But also to study another aspect, is how to move too fast overseas consumption back home. I mainly talk about three aspects of this issue. First, overseas consumption characteristics according to official statistics, in 2015 China overseas tourism consumption is 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which 800 billion for shopping, 700 billion for air tickets, accommodation and other data; another is an authoritative foreign media reported, Chinese overseas buyers in consumption of about $150 billion, equivalent to 1 trillion yuan; two the total consumption is 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan. This does not include some of the emerging overseas consumption, for example, when it comes to foreign beauty, health care, etc., on these two large consumption reached 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan. So what are the characteristics of these consumption? First, the growth rate of overseas consumption much faster than domestic consumption growth. Even in the current slowdown in China’s economy, relatively difficult circumstances, last year, overseas tourism consumption has increased by 20%. Two is the overseas consumption from luxury consumption to commodity consumption. Now there is a new phenomenon, is the daily necessities we go abroad to buy lots of domestic energy production, in fact the quality may not be worse than abroad a lot, such as milk powder, medicine, and even appliances, this is a very significant change. Three is the rise of overseas medical, sports and other new consumption. For example, many people go abroad for medical examination, overseas cosmetic surgery. Because the Chinese go to South Korea plastic surgery, the lifting of the Korean cosmetic industry. Seoul, South Korea, a district next to the local government to find me, saying that the government out of the money, let Wanda to invest in a plastic surgery hospital in twenty or thirty areas, I said why, he said!相关的主题文章: