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US military recruits were abuse: "drying" was put into the large dryer baked original title: military recruits was "drying" abuse of U.S. Marines in South Carolina Parris Island training camp first on suspicion of abuse of trained soldiers and instructors face investigation. Recent progress in the investigation revealed that the U.S. media 13, the instructor also alleged racial and religious discrimination, the minority compared to terrorists to verbal insults. The repeated abuse in March this year, the 20 year old American Pakistan recruits La Hiller · Siddiqui in training from the height to the ground dead, let the abuse Parris Island camp exposure. The survey found that Siddiqui was beaten by an instructor, escaped from the instructor in the course of the process from a nearly 12 meter high floor jump. "Washington Post" quoted 13 unpublished reports the latest progress of the investigation, a Muslim recruits the instructors involved previously in training will be denounced as "terrorists", the latter will be put into several large dryer in burn. The victim told investigators that the instructors had accused him of "participation" 9· 11 "terrorist attacks", shouted: "towards him as long as you have the chance, you will kill us all, right? You terrorist. What is your plot?" The survey also showed that due to the large dryer in the waiting time is too long, the victim’s neck and arms were burned; afterwards, instructors warned other recruits don’t report, or face punishment, provide food to energy bars "sealed to them at the same time". Although some details of various misdeeds instructor abuse has been previously disclosed, but the latest survey shows that the Parris Island training camp has formed a "traditional abuse", this situation is particularly serious in the case of the instructor "third boot camp". Some of the recruits cited the investigation pointed out that some instructors often verbal insults students, but also frequently issued unauthorized action instructions, often lead to injuries. At the same time, instructors can not achieve the role of self-discipline in the role model. Some students are trained to testify, instructors had "drunk posts", also put the whisky to the training ground. According to the report of a student, a senior instructor accidentally saw the photos of the students sister, asked the students to log in face book account, invited her sister to call students. After the phone is switched on, the instructor grabbed the phone began to introduce themselves, said she was single, I hope to contact". The instructors afterwards denied the favoritism, but the students younger sister to investigators describe students with consistent, and the "face book" communication and recording evidence. "Glorious" services "shame" Washington Post reported that the Marine Corps is one of the most respected military service, many soldiers to accept the "experience" in the Marine Corps and proud. Today, the abuse scandal touched many people’s nerves. A retired Marine Corps member was shocked by the scandal, saying the incident was "unbelievable."". He said the Marine Corps training instructors have clearly defined, shall not be 2相关的主题文章: