Under the background of the shortage of assets to make money a myth is about to end 16 months rose b face gossip

Classification of A assets under the background of shortage of money myth is coming to an end: 16 months rose 40% national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: 16 months soared nearly 40%! Under the background of the shortage of assets to make money A myth is about to end? Grade A as low-risk species, in just 16 months, nearly 40% of the revenue, the effect of both stock and bond seesaw effect, also has brought grade product design fold down good funds shortage under the background of asset value is more found in the return of valuation, the three made grade A income myth. But after a few months of high premium trading last week, grading A ushered in the adjustment, the trend is changing? 16 months soared nearly 40%! Under the background of the shortage of assets to make money A myth is about to end? "As the old holder from 2013 began to participate in the classification of A, the first quarter of this year, the market rebounded, grade A my account has been maintained in 3 into the following positions, not want the premium to the history of high grade A, also rose more than a year, to be honest, this wave of grade A rose, I guess at the beginning, but completely guess and end." An investment grade A "old driver" Liu Sheng (a pseudonym) told reporters frankly, as of 2015 May, completely cannot read grade A frequently more than 10% discount rate why can last for several months, the current classification of A sustained premium transaction so that he cannot read. Who can think of it, a low-risk species, holding a year can actually get more than 30% of the proceeds." Liu Sheng feel that over the past year more than a little bit of A investment like myth, the United States is not really like. The two or three quarter of 2015, the crash of the "safe harbor" appeared since June last year, the three wave of stock market crash, for the classification of B, trading volume continued to shrink, as well as several fold concentration of the tide and huge loss. As for the classification of hardcore fans A, A shares are huge fluctuations but they bring huge benefits. From July 2015 to September, less than 3 months time, investment grade A does not require a strong timing ability, want to earn a return of 20% is not difficult. The intraday volatility, some set a stronger sense of investors, maneuvers in several varieties, profit margin can be more than 30%." A hierarchical A investors Shao Jia (a pseudonym) told reporters. After her 2015 June crash to the stock account in full clearance reached A grade, and no grade A fold staring may do rotation, but only 1 varieties on the large speculation repeatedly in the session, in September, June losses in stocks she has basically been made up, during the return of more than 25%. "From the stock to the classification of A, investment ideas are completely different, can say the opposite, a lot of stock investment lucrative investors always have the bull market thinking, always want to buy the dips, and investment grade A are completely opposite, only more pessimistic about the stock market, in order to hold grade A, or a 5% to earn arbitrage satisfied to go." Shao Jia said that she was mainly in the bull market was scared by the continuous decline, regardless of相关的主题文章: