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Automation of any testing process is quite a difficult task. It requires careful consideration of all the project details. Often a software testing .pany faces a dilemma: is it better to buy ready automated tools or to create the special tools for the software. It may happen that a software testing .pany automated half of the process utilizing a standard record-and-playback instrument and then it turned that the instrument is unsuitable to create necessary test coverage of the project. So, it is necessary additionally to elaborate more matched tool in order to check the system appropriately. In view of the described situation it may seem that it is always better to develop customized programs for automated testing . But elaborating a program from the ground up often appears to be more costly than to buy an off the shelf one. One should also take into account the expenses on the tool testing and maintenance. So, each particular situation must be thoroughly thought out and evaluated before arriving at a decision. If after examining the project and investigating the market it is discovered that there is no program able to work with the needed operation systems, it is necessary to elaborate the suitable tool. 2. In.patibility With A Software .ponent The system may include a third-party .ponent that is not .patible with existing record-and-playback instruments. In this case two solutions are possible: – elaboration of a work-around of the untestable third-party .ponent; – build specific program suitable for checking the whole system. The second variant is more rational. It is better to spend time and money on the customized tool and perform testing appropriately than to spend resources on a tool that does not provide necessary testing coverage. The third-party .ponent may contain defects. If they are not discovered it may cause considerable problems in the late phases of the development process. 3. Particular Requirements A software testing .pany always builds customized tools for .prehensive and very detailed checking. The customized tools are applied in addition to the standard graphical user interface testing programs and are meant to check sophisticated critical elements of the system that cannot be checked by standard tools. Such .prehensive checking of an application is usually required if from its proper operation depend human lives or other serious issues. In any case before buying or building testing harnesses a software testing .pany should take into account peculiarities of the software, the project budget, time limitations and customer needs. It will make any web site testing desktop testing or mobile application testing more cost-effective. 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