Tianjin District vice mayor and Secretary of the Central Committee alternate election after supersti ca1810

Tianjin District Secretary was vice mayor and alternate member of the central – after superstitious Beijing the day before, the CPC Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the original Tianjin Municipal Committee, former Secretary of Jinnan District Committee Lv Fuchun serious violation case notification. The circular pointed out, Lv Fuchun serious violation of political discipline, superstitious activities; a serious violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight of public funds to travel by public service to the owners of private enterprises, illegal accepted dinner arrangements, public funds for reimbursement of personal expenses, long-term illegal occupation of bus; serious violations of discipline, to seek a promotion to the property of others, do not report personal matters according to the provisions of a serious violation of discipline; honest, accepting gifts, illegal profit-making activities, the use of authority to seek benefits for the relatives of the business activities; a serious violation of discipline, and other improper sexual relations; a serious violation of national laws and regulations, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the business., soliciting or accepting huge property, after eighteen big party is still not close hand convergence. The circular pointed out, the 39 year old Lv Fuchun became the bureau level leading cadres, 43 year old was listed as the Central Committee alternate candidate, vice mayor at the age of 44 and became the object of study, work ability is not strong. But the growth in the individual road encountered a little bit of "not", especially the alternate member of the Central Committee and vice mayor of succession after the election, he abandoned the communist faith, superstition, to seek protection in the nothingness of the world. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy Buddha worship at home, looking for Feng Shui Feng Shui Feng Shui, do not ask the future, please fortune teller. Office, residence, and other official vehicles at full power, the growth of evil spirits misfortunes "sign" and "Qi", incense beads, patron stone, transport stone, feng shui ball everything. Lv Fuchun’s desire for development is extremely strong, personal status as "the success or failure of life signs, signs, glorify and illuminate the ancestors benefit source", "to get promoted as a top priority, to the extent of obsession of yearn day and night". He often let subordinates to accompany their chess to dawn, the external shape of "white and black" busy work image; love large-scale promotion of cadres Bo "word of mouth", for personal promotion increase the weight; trying to find ways to pull the running of gifts, relationship; alternate member of the Central Committee after the election, he was lost, then depressed. Lv Fuchun in 2010 after the divorce, to deceive the public, but the organization, still with his wife live together as husband and wife, wife of the name of his banner to engage in bartering also unchecked. Just as he said in the confession: "he did not have good sex, do not hold the moral bottom line" did not deal with family relations, if the matter is clean, not his own twisted like people like, to remedy the evil, in deeper and deeper". Lv Fuchun initially and enterprise boss contacts also cautious, but a long time, feel the friendship to think, "said is reasonable, from tobacco to Cordyceps that hundreds of thousands yuan, hundreds of million of money are safe. The annual "birthday party" and for private business costs paid for by private owners; he will also be a few pieces of fake antiques in high price "sell" to those who knowingly fake boss; from a boss to borrow some money to relatives in the name of another)相关的主题文章: