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This thing 100% mothers will buy, but let the baby cough repeatedly – Sohu mother and baby in the summer is the season of high incidence of colds and colds, although many mothers know this phenomenon, but it is not clear how to avoid. Baby cough during the day, the night also intensified, eat a lot of drugs, many suffer ah! So, what is the reason for repeated cough baby? There is no specific treatment? Mother and how to care? Mothers learn to learn, let the baby to do a healthy small North nose! Parenting 5 pit baby cough actually caused by the baby body immunity is weak, often cough once again, this time, Gao Min will be in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract condition for a long time, there is a stimulation of allergic reactions, but also the following factors increase the baby cough symptoms: 1, improper feeding baby cough, the reason may be the mother feeding position improper, because my mother lying at night feeding pressure to the baby’s mouth and nose, can make the baby of shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms. 2, improper sleeping baby sleeping position is not correct, nasal secretions reflux into the throat, the throat irritation occurs will cause cough reflex. So, the mother should pay attention to the baby sleeping posture, try to put the baby in the baby bed head elevation, and often replace the baby to sleep, let the baby breathe. 3, plush toys to stimulate research shows that 80% of the surface of the surface of Streptococcus pneumoniae toys! The baby to play these plush toys in the toy off sick, wool will stimulate the baby’s throat and nasal drainage, runny nose, cough symptoms. Therefore, the mother usually want to buy Plush toys to avoid irritation caused by repeated coughing baby. 4, sudden change of temperature changes in temperature may also cause the baby cough, such as the mother took the baby out, open air immediately after returning home, the indoor temperature suddenly decreased, the baby may cough because of discomfort. So, when you open the air conditioning, the temperature can not be adjusted too low at the beginning, and then adjust the baby to slightly lower. 5, air dry indoor air drying, viruses and bacteria adsorbed in dust, the baby will appear after inhalation of throat discomfort, cough and other symptoms. So, the mother should pay attention to the indoor humidity, air drying can be properly adjusted to open the humidifier. KO annoying cough care 6tips speed get baby cough repeatedly, mom must have broken heart. In addition to the mother to give the baby medication, but also good care. The following is a baby cough care 6tips, mom quickly mark up! Method: Tips1 pats on the back the baby cough, the mother can pick up a baby, pat the baby back, or let the baby sit up straight body, to relieve symptoms. Tips2: water vapor cough cough when the baby is serious, the mother can hold the baby sitting in the bathroom full of steam for 5 minutes, because the steam wet, moist and dry throat, cough. Tips3: regular drinking warm water baby throat phlegm, cough, the mother can let the baby drink warm water to dilute sputum, throat, throat to relieve discomfort. Tips Ben相关的主题文章: