This family is very material nouchi sharp 3 Shenzhen test drive experience

This family is very material Na Zhijie Shenzhen Rui 3 test drive experience in April this year at the Beijing auto show, the 3 officially unveiled the Nazhi dragonfly. Security configuration design, with its stylish overall, attracted a lot of people are looking at this new entry in the compact car market in China, "challenger". Especially in such a look at the face of the times, a high value for the young people and the birth of a high, no doubt the success of the high pull Rui Rui Rui 3 score. However, if you think that it is a "vase" that may be completely mistaken, practicability and maneuverability in the aspect of general’s wisdom also underestimated 3. If you would never expect a positioning in the entry-level sedan models can bring how perfect performance, nouchi believe Rui 3 will give you a surprise. Thank you very much for Shenzhen Yu Chi na Zhijie life hall Futian shop provides sharp 3 car shot. Design of > shape design — young attractive; > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: Shenzhen Yu Chi na Zhijie life hall Futian shop dealers dealers address: Telephone No. 7028 Futian District North Central Avenue: 075525317777 (refer to Phoenix car to get the message, you will enjoy better service) (the market information collected from local dealers, to date, does not represent the behavior of the picture for the car manufacturers making plans, price information and picture location independent) – fuel economy test drive experience bias power, the car is equipped with a Taiwan and trumpchi GS4 the same 1.3T engine this 1.3T, GCCS engine with electronically controlled E-Turbo combustion control, low inertia turbochargers, DCVVT double continuous variable valve timing technology. The maximum power of 137 horsepower, peak torque of 202 cattle · m, Aisin five speed manual gearbox transmission system, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers 5.9L. But the cash GA3S 1.6L parameters, the maximum power of 122 horsepower, peak torque of 158 cattle · meters. Compared with the 1.6 natural aspirated engine, the 1.3T engine has a large increase in both power and torque, and has a great advantage in fuel economy. Before writing the test drive experience report, had said in September 2014 officially joined the LUXGEN Mr. Mizuno Kazumi, Mizuno and sensitive "GTR known as" the father of the join Yulon group, CRE also set up a top R & D team. The main members include Mr. Suzuki Rio, who has been working on the race car race, as well as the famous Japanese racing driver, Mr. who worked with the GTR project. Since the establishment of the "dream team" Mizuno development vision: to track the teacher, will be fun, and fun to drive and moved through the perfect interpretation of nouchi products. 3 is the general’s wisdom is another masterpiece in advocating this concept nouchi build (Mizuno team for LUXGEN gifted 6 ECO HYPER power adjustment). It is worth mentioning that, in the view of the majority of consumers, strong driving force and vehicles相关的主题文章: