Thin blue letinous edodes to go go rice metome – tourism Sohu sexinse

Thin blue letinous edodes "to" go go "rice metome – tourism Sohu open rice soup, you can immediately choose their own feelings: happy, sad, excited, crazy…… according to these emotions, rice has already arranged a good place for you to move a finger, you can find the interest, like a know you understand your partner, lead you into a" heart "of the world. For 90, there is no constraint on the circle of friends, but also completely different with BBS. Just released a dynamic, soon will be able to gain a lot of comments and praise, as a wise king of high-profile, can let you have a strong sense of presence, let you can’t help to produce close soup. Rice is such, let you have a place to share, has placed a hole in a tree. Walking down the heart, good things, and many different bursting hormones broadcast platform, rice advocate not to see Yan value social, pay more attention to the spirit and value of communication, is simply a "heart" social APP. Fresh interface, different from other community style, there are moments you can easily find their own interests to cut into the world window. In rice, many will be topics of interest to you in a different way, to satisfy your appetite. Here, you can find that the ear "pregnant" single, some can make life more delicate tips, or even a boring time can be sent at home recipes…… in short, rice is such a place to open a window for you. A lot of strangers social software is based on the need to spend money to have a better experience, which does not exist in rice. It is the most important, in front of you with countless Road, and you just follow your heart walking, adaptable, good. You will like it pure, a lot of small and exquisite details, will make you sigh this social software is simple and not simple. Ordinary life is also a CLS, I want to live as the prologue whenever and wherever possible rice — "experience, always feel". Everyone has a different situation, different industries, different groups of people, the experience of life is completely different, but we often put these feelings sealed in memory. Now, more and more friends to the ordinary moments in life to share in rice, also moved to treasure their harvest. The small crown of the menu bar makes one feel special. You can capture the foot of the world dream journey, magnificent folk art, passionate movement on the mystery madman, bad taste…… They are the basic necessities of life, in the Kingdom, psychological emotion, idle away in seeking pleasure of technology and design, art and so on, whether you are interested in how extensive, can find the identity in rice, easy access to the world. Social instinct is driven by a lack of sense of loneliness, a sense of identity and a sense of belonging. The rice was cut into small pieces, lonely spread, more and more small, until not see. And this is your new world, a world without masks and identity. Experience is used to feel, experience is to share!相关的主题文章: