These unique styling headphones became the current wave of essential products lata-01

These unique headset has become a fashion must-have lead: Lightning and Bluetooth who is the better choice? That could be a problem. Relatively speaking, Lightning allows headphone built-in amplifier to enhance the sound quality is more help; Bluetooth is undoubtedly more convenient and flexible choice, can be integrated, such as motion monitoring functions. Before making a choice, we might as well take a look at what is worthy of consideration headset style. Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Apple AirPods reference price: About 1288 yuan, although the shape of AirPods users Tucao, but as the official product, is undoubtedly the first choice of iPhone series 7. It uses a better W1 Bluetooth chip, can effectively reduce the loss of connection. In addition, the built-in sensor and accelerometer can effectively reduce environmental noise, automatically turn on the microphone, 5 hours of battery life is decent enough, rechargeable portable box is also a great design. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless price: about 3340 yuan Sennheiser Momentum Wireless is a very good exercise a wireless headset with Bluetooth, APTX connection, NFC matching function, stainless steel and cortical body is also very fine, in addition to the battery life of 22 hours, can obtain better wireless broadcasting quality. Bragi reference price: About 802 yuan from Bragi is a very recent fire a pure wireless headset, the design is more clever than AirPods, the price is lower. If there is a higher demand, may wish to consider another The Dash, provides a waterproof body, motion monitoring and other functions, the price is $299 (about 1997 yuan). Libratone Q Adapt reference price: About 1196 yuan Libratone Q Adapt is a plug-in Lightning headset, the biggest feature is the built-in active noise reducer provides 5 levels of noise, and does not require additional battery, Lightning power advantage will be reflected. JBL Reflect Aware Sport reference price: About 1330 yuan JBL Reflect Aware Sport is also a Lightning headset, the main noise and movement function, provides the active noise reduction function, the user can adjust according to demand. In addition, even if the sweat function of intense exercise, earplugs will not jump, while the headset cable also has a reflective function, the night run more prominent and more secure. Bowers & Wilkins Wireless reference price: about 2665 yuan Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless is a very good reputation in the market of wireless headset headset, APTX technology can mention e相关的主题文章: