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These are the danger signals from your baby! Sohu Shanxi Taiyuan maternal and child in April 28, 2016, Ms. Wu in 30 weeks, I suddenly felt stomach pain, the family immediately sent her to the hospital, the doctor check that the fetus has severe hypoxia, followed by emergency disposal, hit more than three hours of intravenous drip, but finally failed to save your baby…… In October, the bacteria feel sad at the same time, must feel! Certain! It’s really important to tell pregnant mothers that it’s important to correctly identify these dangerous signals from a baby! Signal 1: abdominal pain October bacteria tip: ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion under normal circumstances, mild abdominal pain mostly belong to normal phenomenon. But if there is a sudden pain, and is a burst of, should pay attention to the pregnant mother, early pregnancy with vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain and tenesmus, it may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion. Signal 2: vaginal bleeding in October that bacteria threatened abortion, placenta abruption refers to threatened abortion before 28 weeks of gestation, first appeared a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and paroxysmal abdominal pain or lumbago, once pregnant mother found himself in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy vaginal bleeding, must be timely medical treatment. And threatened abortion is different, if the mother in the late trimester of pregnancy vaginal bleeding occurs suddenly, is likely to be placenta previa or placental abruption. Signal 3: skin itching tip: late October in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and fetal hypoxia in pruritus baby pregnancy intrahepatic cholestatic pruritus mainly by the liver and gallbladder dysfunction, manifested as skin itching, usually from the hands and feet began to itch, then spread to the whole body. The disease caused by cholestasis will affect between pregnant mother and baby fetal blood circulation, leading to the birth of the baby prone to hypoxia, so slow fetal growth, fetal death occurred serious. 4 October: Palace of abnormal high signal measurement of high palace and bacteria suggest that fetal baby development slow prenatal abdominal circumference every time can dynamically observe the development of your baby, the timely detection of fetal intrauterine growth retardation, abnormal pregnancy and macrosomia. If you are pregnant 34 weeks ago, the height of the end of the week at the end of the growth of less than 1 cm, the height of the end of the week after the end of the week of less than 0.65 cm in height, pregnant mothers will have to consider whether the baby. Signal 5: abnormal amniotic fluid volume in October that bacteria of premature birth, fetal malformation, stillbirth general amniotic fluid increases with gestational weeks, at 20 weeks of pregnancy when the average is 500 ml; at 28 weeks, will be increased to 700 ml; at 32-36 weeks, about 1000-1500 ml, will gradually reduce. If the pregnancy amniotic fluid volume of more than 2000ml, that is the polyhydramnios, prone to fetal distress, fetal abnormalities or premature birth, pregnant mother may also suffer from gestational hypertension; if amniotic fluid volume is less than 300ml, called oligohydramnios, fetal limb deformity, can make the baby shortage, may also be serious when the occurrence of stillbirth. 6 October: no abnormal signal bacteria tip: fetal hypoxia, asphyxia under normal circumstances, with!相关的主题文章: