There are really talented winners Yan strength to sing Rainie Yang beauty Transformation Road win7codecs

There are really talented winners Yan strength to sing Rainie Yang Rainie Yang in the lead: Beauty Transformation Road "masked singer" programme due to a cover of the song "stranded" amazing people, it can not help but let us surprise, this was the "cute" original has become a technical strength to sing! (source: posters fashion network) Rainie Yang in "the masked singer" a new season of "the masked singer" launched, many unexpected singers have to wear masks to return to the stage, which makes most of the moving seal Jun is the diamond queen deduction song "stranded", though when she began. She has already guessed is highly recognizable voice of Rainie Yang, but also in doubt she will have wonderful singing? Rainie Yang micro-blog Rainie Yang private photos "masked singer" when the diamond queen unmasked, is really Rainie Yang, countless friends exploded Guo, do not believe that this was all my idol drama, occasionally sing the theme song of the "cute" actually have such amazing vocals, that so many years far underestimated the strength of Rainie Yang the! Even Eric Moo, the judge, said, "because Rainie Yang is an idol, she underestimated her strength." And said "if Rainie Yang can find good works, absolute top singer’s successor!" Rainie Yang song "stranded" on the same day Shuabing, so many people are on the road to Rainie Yang instant powder, have shouted "the Golden Melody Awards owe Rainie Yang a song"! Rainie Yang "Rainie Yang" "Mandala" says he’s still at the same time, Rainie Yang appeared in only 6 episodes of the drama "Taiwan" also aired on the day before finally completed, and received a score of 8.8 on the watercress. Compared to Taiwan or as many as hundreds of sets of drama, drama or extreme cold Youth Drama, the drama is simply the conscience of the industry. Rainie Yang played in the play the role of silly white sweet, played a normal to not ordinary ordinary women, married and have children, for the cause of life. Her best ever acting a ordinary women encounter interpretation to looked for all the people can identify with, and that they feel Rainie Yang played himself! Although the drama in the mainland is too small, but Rainie Yang also by virtue of this drama to a smooth ceiling fans, and once again let people sit up and take notice! Rainie Yang said the new album "ring" Rainie Yang new album "rings" that cover Rainie Yang’s new album "MV masked singer", Rainie Yang launched a new album "Strike while the iron is hot.," said ring, before she lost the silly white sweet girl style, with a more mature woman, intellectuality, styling and more perfect singing. And tell their own growth and change. In this album, no sweet waxy waxy Diadia cavity, also did not look mature "to write poetry that worry, just like Qianyindichang. She also said: "this time I really do not want to do anything to make you think I grew up, but this album is the most people feel my growth. This is definitely related to age, I am in the real expression of their feelings, I believe we have received." Rainie Yang early debut portfolio 4 in Love early debut photos of.相关的主题文章: