The world’s first Silk Road International TV cooperation community was officially established in Bei x3210

The world’s first "Silk Road International TV cooperation community" was formally established in August 26th in Beijing, Chinese by CCTV, the China International Television Corp sponsored, China Radio Film and TV Trade Center hosted the international cooperation community Establishment Ceremony of Silk Road TV Summit "held in beijing. Deputy director of press and Publication Administration of Tong Gang, deputy director of CCTV Wei Dichun, international cooperation bureau director Ma Li, chairman of China International Television Corp, President Xue Jijun, vice president Tang Shiding attended the inaugural ceremony. 182 foreign guests from 78 media and production organizations in 50 countries and regions attended, including representatives of Russian Deputy Minister of the Ministry of communications and mass media Wolin, Deputy Minister of the Kampuchea state press and the Cambodian National TV station H.E. KEM GUNNAWADH, National Geographic and natural history of New Zealand Limited company, British BBC, United States SONY South Korea, Australia, KBS Foxtel, India Zee TV and other media and production organizations. At the ceremony, the community planning and related international cooperation. Led by the China Radio, film and television program trading center, the national media and production agencies on a number of transnational film and television cooperation projects were discussed and achieved fruitful results. The Silk Road International TV cooperation community ceremony is expected to build the world’s largest media joint television cooperation platform in response to President Xi Jinping proposed "to build" green silk road "and" health "Silk Road" and "intelligence" Silk Road "and" peace "Silk Road" and "The Belt and Road" to develop new ideas Chinese CCTV, China International Television Corp in early May this year in Arabia radio and Television Festival launched international cooperation Silk Road community television, this is the world’s first "Silk Road" as a link, for the whole of the international media television media alliance. The community has invited "The Belt and Road along the country’s institutions, TV production companies, video sites, social media participation, from the programming, to build channel market operation and business integration, expand all-round cooperation, work together to build an open, equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation platform of regional international film and television. Deputy director of press and Publication Administration of press and publication of Tong Gang, deputy director of SARFT child just mentioned in his speech, "" peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win "spirit of the silk road passing the torch, to promote the progress of human civilization, has become an important link to promote national prosperity and development along the line, has become the world some of the historical and cultural heritage." The child just to overseas media organizations the author puts forward three suggestions, "one is interoperability practitioner, two is the silk road the narrator of the story, the three is the beneficiaries of win-win cooperation." Deputy director of CCTV Dichun Wei, deputy director of CCTV Wei Dichun said that the forum aims to build a new platform, show the new achievement, the community, the new development of "conspiracy, he suggested that the Silk Road International Television cooperation community to establish normal cooperation mechanism, strengthen the program in cooperation, expand communication channels, deepen cooperation in media convergence cooperation." Xue Jijun, chairman and chief executive officer of China International Television Corp,  .相关的主题文章: