The warm man worked for one year before the affectionate people buy flowers all the

The warm man worked for one year before the affectionate people buy flowers all the girls to the original title: American campus work warm male a year and a half before Valentine’s Day flowers to send all the girls in the new network on 13 February, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Valentine’s Day is coming, a Utah high school boys in the past year to save work 450 dollars, bought 900 carnations for all the girls. Hayden Godfrey, a 17 year old boy who studied in the "Tian Jing high school" in Utah, spent about a year and a half working, saved 450 dollars, bought 900 carnations, and on the 12 day, he bought all the flowers he bought from Godfrey to all his classmates. According to the report, Godfrey went to McDonald’s to work in the snack bar, and went to the Mexico restaurant to wash dishes. In the past 10 months, he packed things for the guests in the supermarket. Godfrey’s big hand wasn’t the first time. From the beginning he was 14 years old, on Valentine’s Day is anonymously sent flowers to dozens of friends. The next few years of Valentine’s day, his flower action scale is growing, this year decided to try to let more people feel the Valentine’s day warm and happy. Because of the huge amount of flowers, 20 friends were asked to help. All 834 girls in the school had a carnation yesterday, and the rest of the flowers were found. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

校园暖男打工一年多 情人节前买花送全校女生   原标题:美国校园暖男打工一年半 情人节前买花送全校女生   中新网2月13日电 据台湾《联合报》报道,情人节即将来临,美国犹他州一名高中男生以过去一年多来打工存下的450美元,买了900朵康乃馨送给全校女生。   就读于犹他州“天景高中”的17岁男生戈弗雷(Hayden Godfrey),大约花了一年半的时间打工,总共存下450美元,买了900朵康乃馨,12日,他将自己买的这些鲜花分送给全校女同学。   据报道,戈弗雷除了到麦当劳快餐店打工,还去墨西哥餐厅洗碗,过去10个月他还在超级市场为客人打包买好的东西。   戈弗雷的大手笔并不是头一回。从他14岁那年开始,在情人节就以匿名方式买花送给数十名朋友。接下来几年的情人节,他的送花行动规模越来越大,今年则决定要尽量让更多人感受到情人节的温馨快乐。   由于花朵数量庞大,高德弗里请来20名朋友帮忙。全校834名女同学昨天人手一朵康乃馨,剩余的花也都找到赠送对象。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: