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UnCategorized When the PC first got introduced into the business world in 1970s, there was much talk and excitement about the paperless office. Those who hated the task of manually filing all of office’s paperwork began rubbing their hands in glee, whilst professional filing clerks wondered if the death bell was sounding for their jobs. But in the end it never really came to pass, and the failure to make the transition was mostly down to the fact that electronic filing systems just weren’t really up to the task back then. So whilst the advent of the PC allowed us to create the paperwork that much more quickly, the paperwork was still there, (appearing faster in fact) and it still needed manually filing – so much for progress! But since those early days of forgotten promise, electronic document management systems have at long last started to catch up, and with more and more pressure being exerted on businesses in the current tough economic climate, interest is once ago being expressed as to what these latest systems can offer. Most businesses are having to tighten their belts and get their costs down as low as possible in order to survive, and electronic document management offers savings in terms of processing time. Take invoicing for example. An industry wide survey has revealed that the average cost of raising an invoice is 15GBP. This takes into account all of the manual paperwork processing such as sorting, routing, data entry, and filing. An automated electronic document work-flow system can do all of this automatically at a fraction of the cost. It also means that the time that staff would have taken to .plete these duties can now be spent on doing something more productive, like raising more invoices perhaps, or doing credit control; either way it’s another real cost saving. Next there’s the time it takes to search and find documents. In a physical paperwork system it can take quite a long time to track down the right piece of paperwork, and if it’s been misfiled, (something that happens all too often), it may never get found, forcing another one to be printed with all of its attendant costs. But when you use the latest document management software, not only does it take only a fraction of the time to find the appropriate documents, they never get misfiled in the first place; you’ll always be able to locate them. When documents are live, such as a quality control schedule, or risk assessment, they need to be managed properly and kept current. In a manual system, not only does this take time, (and you know what they say – time is money), but it very often gets overlooked, either because the brought forward system has failed, or someone simply didn’t have the time. With the right document management software in place, the whole process is automated so it can’t get missed. Finally there’s the actual cost of storage. Paper is notoriously bulky and takes up an inordinate amount of space; space that if freed up, could be put to some more productive use. With an electronic management system, everything is stored on a hard disk, so the storage space is actually negligible. Isn’t it about time that you investigated the latest document management software to see what benefits it can bring to your business? You may be pleasantly surprised, not only by how much you can cut your costs, but by how much you can improve on efficiency too! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: