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The property market regulation: private capital intensive moved to A shares [Abstract] in the property market "golden nine silver ten" regions. Over the past year, the rapid rise in the country first and second tier city property market for many people ", the property market overheating and be taken by surprise" also ushered in the property market regulation as "policy of the golden nine silver ten". Over the past year, the rapid rise in the country’s first and second tier cities in the property market so many people unprepared, and the overheated property market has also ushered in the regulation of the policy. Since the evening of September 30th to October 6th, just seven days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Nanjing, Shenzhen and many other city has released a new market regulation policy, but also in Zhuhai, Dongguan yesterday and Fuzhou three city to restart the purchase credit limit, coupled with strict management of the property market in Huizhou, makes the current round the country join the ranks of the city reached 19 regulation. Analysts pointed out that this means that last year, 330 since the introduction of the new policy of the property market ushered in a loose inflection point, the property market will cool. However, with the cooling of the property market, where to go, and become a new focus. 4 cities have joined forces to control the release of the property market in Beijing after the new deal, a number of cities to follow the pace of this wave of regulation may continue. Yesterday, Zhuhai, Dongguan and Fuzhou also joined the eleven holiday during the purchase of the city army. Yesterday morning, the Zhuhai municipal government introduced a new deal in the property market, announced the implementation of the restriction of the loan policy. From April this year, announced the cancellation of the purchase of less than half a year, Zhuhai again to restart the purchase of the property market in response to the rise. In accordance with the new regulations, from now on Zhuhai city property purchase restrictions on the implementation of policies, have 3 or more permanent residents of the city family, and has 1 sets of the above non city residence households can not provide the date of purchase before the monthly pay more than 1 year of continuous personal income tax or social insurance certificate of non city residence households in the city within the scope of the suspension of sale of a building area of 144 square meters and below the ordinary housing. Relevant data show that as of September this year, only about 1600000 people, often included in the city of Zhuhai, the city has exceeded the price of Guangzhou, rose to 18988 yuan square meters. Yesterday evening, Dongguan restrictions: since October 7, 2016, in the administrative area of Dongguan City, the city residence households have 2 or more housing units and suspended its sales of new commodity housing; to have 1 sets of housing, can not provide the date of purchase before 2 years in the city for more than 1 years of continuous monthly pay personal income tax or social insurance that non city residence households, and have 2 or more housing units and non city residence households, suspended its sales of new commodity housing. Yesterday evening, Fuzhou announced the cessation of the sale of 3 square meters of goods to the families of the following 144 square meters. Fuzhou into the National Day period, the eighteenth purchase of the city. Subsequently, the introduction of the property market in Huizhou yesterday night regulatory measures to require pre-sale commercial housing, commercial housing should obtain pre-sale permit. Which cities may follow the restriction? Analysis of the industry, the future, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao and other cities faster price increases, there is still the possibility of the introduction of the purchase of the policy. In fact, from 2010 to the present, China’s property market from the purchase to cancel the purchase and then return to the purchase, the policy has been.相关的主题文章: