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Report: agriculture and industry perspective described traditional industries mixed sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament reporter Rao Shouchun Beijing Herald editor’s note since the beginning of this year, China’s economic growth still face greater pressure, and the operating performance of listed companies also show it and as of August 29th, A shares have a semi annual disclosure of 2430 companies, the net profit year-on-year decline. With the change of the supply side structural reform and economic activities, to production and rising prices driven, industry overcapacity performance rebound; investment in infrastructure and real estate investment promotion, the construction industry and real estate industry also appeared to pick up; the transformation and upgrading of consumption structure, service consumption also increased steadily. At the same time, deleveraging in listed companies and no obvious effect, reducing costs are reflected in the tax burden of Listed Companies in some industries, mainly due to the camp changed to increase and profit growth slowed. "Introduction to these industries (the service industry) and its history, not only has its own net profit rises, vertical and other industries, some traditional industries accounted for profits fell in. In fact, the future of consumption, service industry, the proportion of net profit will certainly be greater, because the original model does not have the sustainability." A tree of autumn. With the semi annual disclosure deadline approaching 2016, A shares of more than 2900 listed companies in the first half of the financial data of the two cities also gradually surfaced. According to the Wind information data show that as of August 29th two at noon, there are 2430 listed companies released this year’s semi annual report, the total operating income reached 10 trillion and 290 billion yuan, representing an increase of 3.3%, but net profit (net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company fell 2.87% to 990 billion 523 million yuan). At the same time, according to the division of the SW industry, twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter found that the first industry to agriculture dominated the first half revenue and net profit soared; mixed with steel and coal as the representative of the traditional industry is not a loss, and as; cultural and media industry gradually, on the performance of plate the same film recording. Experts on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the overall data revenue and net profit of Listed Companies in the first half, basically reflects the macroeconomic downturn period of reality, and between different sectors of financial indicators, and further down the economic structure when the implied capacity of reform and transition logic. Agricultural performance gains across the board people used pig on the outlet to describe the upcoming hot topics in the capital market, suggesting that it may have higher income in the future. In fact, since the beginning of 2015, a real "pig" will lead the animal husbandry and fishery industry performance gains across the board. According to the statistical data of the Wind information, to Shenwan Hong industry classification, there are currently two city animal husbandry and fishery industry of the 85 listed companies, as of the latest 75 has released a semi annual report. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter相关的主题文章: