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The National Day special report: Oil – Chinese far apart from each other central enterprises News — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, original title: National Day special report: oil is far apart from each other once a year national day. Many people stop busy pace, enjoy the rare leisure time. However, there are still a group of people who work in their own ordinary post, with the interpretation of dedication dedication, interpretation of work with sweat, become the most beautiful scenery in the holiday line. Delay retirement location: Yumen Laojunmiao oil production plant, Gobi mountain 2500 meters altitude: 7 to 23 degrees Celsius temperature: Shen Lijun (left) told the story for the staff to create jobs. Post sketch Laojunmiao oil production plant of the 603 posts this is Yumen Oilfield post benchmark, relying on the "Mao Zedong anthology", well card, saving bag, close the barrels and the five cart Jiabao started. 54 years of development record, the cumulative production of crude oil of about 300000 tons, oil wells from a few to the current increase of 165. "Shen master, how to go to work today, it is not reluctant to us?" In the early morning of October 1st, in the commuter car ride, which is Shen Lijun heard the most words. A lot of people Yumen Laojunmiao oil production plant know, September 30th is the last day of Shen Lijun’s work. But they do not know is that, in order to post, in order to several young people, Shen Lijun stayed down, decided to spend the holiday in the post, for his career to draw a satisfactory conclusion. The temple of oil production plant Laojun 603 jobs is a production post, currently manages 128 oil wells. The staff should be responsible for the on-site management of oil and water wells, equipment maintenance and maintenance, fill out the data report and the dynamic analysis of oil and water wells, in addition to ensure the smooth and safe underground crude oil pipeline. As long as the post, in addition to the above work, Shen Lijun also developed oil and water wells and oil wells to deal with difficult problems. "Shen master, you have to stay a few days just fine, a week is ok." September 30th, know that Shen Lijun is leaving, the 603 position of the squad leader of the class, said Wang Rui, holding her hand, said the two. Shen Lijun smiled and said: "you are at my ease." Having said that, but suddenly want to leave, Shen Lijun also a little sad, she did not look at the management of the oil well again. So, when the afternoon of the leadership of the office and staff once again to retain her, 30 years when oil worker Shen Lijun decided to National Day in a post. October 1st, Shen interferon than ever get up early. Early autumn morning, Laojunmiao mountains some cold rolling hills covered the warmth of the sun, is located in Dongshan Laojunmiao hillside 603 posts has been full of vigour. "Master Shen, you are going to work with us today." "Shen master, you are in, I am happy holiday." In fact, since 2007, Shen Lijun served as the 603 post of a long start, has been a national day for 9 years without a break. Over the past 9 years, she has stuck to the post, set an example to the young people. Today’s morning is doomed and usually not相关的主题文章: