The Ministry of public security recommends that the case of e rent treasure be registered promptly i-beself

The Ministry of public security e rent treasure cases investor   timely registration in the registration period;     registration of illegal fund-raising platform to e rent treasure case open enable the Ministry of public security cases of illegal fund-raising investor registration information platform, the public security organs suggest "e rent treasure case investors timely registration of Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) reporter yesterday learned from the Ministry of public security, illegal fund-raising cases investors registration information platform construction of the Ministry of Public Security Organization (website address:, today officially opened, and the first of the" e rent treasure "and its related companies suspected of illegal fund-raising cases (investors open registration for the period from February 13, 2016 to May 13, 2016). According to the Ministry of public security departments responsible person, the Internet in recent years, the frequent cases of illegal fund-raising, especially the public security authorities are currently investigating the "e rent treasure and its affiliates, suspected of illegal fund-raising case, a number of investors, involving extensive territory, huge amount of electronic data in the past, only the way of evidence processing is not conducive to the massive electronic data, timely summary statistics, verification, screening. For the use of information technology to facilitate investor registration information for investors and the public security organs to speed up the communication links, the public security organs handling progress as soon as possible to identify the facts of the case and investment, according to the law involved in the disposal of assets, to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the Ministry of public security and construction of illegal fund-raising case investors registration information platform. This platform includes identity information registration, registration and investment note information release and other functions, will also be used for other major cases of illegal fund-raising public security organs notice in the future. The public security organs "did not redeem money e rent treasure in the case of investors timely registration in the registration deadline, to avoid delay in case investigation and disposal of assets and other work, their legitimate rights and interests of investors. The person in charge also said that the registration of investment information does not affect the rights of investors to exercise the report in accordance with the law. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 公安部建议e租宝案件投资人在登记期限内及时登记     非法集资登记平台先对e租宝案开放   公安部启用非法集资案件投资人信息登记平台,公安机关建议“e租宝”案投资人及时登记   新京报讯 (记者王梦遥)记者昨日从公安部获悉,公安部组织建设的非法集资案件投资人信息登记平台(网站地址,即日起正式启用,并首先对“e租宝”及其关联公司涉嫌非法集资案件的投资人开放(登记期限为2016年2月13日至2016年5月13日)。   据公安部有关部门负责人介绍,近年来互联网非法集资案件频发,特别是目前公安机关正在侦办的“e租宝”及其关联公司涉嫌非法集资案件,投资人众多、涉及地域广泛、电子数据量巨大,仅用以往取证方式处理不利于海量电子数据及时汇总、统计、核实、甄别。为利用信息化手段方便投资人登记相关信息,便于投资人与公安机关沟通联系,加快各地公安机关办案进度,尽快查清案件事实和投资情况、依法统一处置涉案资产,最大限度保护投资人合法权益,公安部组织建设了非法集资案件投资人信息登记平台。该平台具备身份和投资信息登记、登记注意事项信息发布等功能,今后还将用于公安机关公告的其他重大非法集资案件。   公安机关建议“e租宝”案件中未赎回资金的投资人在登记期限内及时登记,以免延缓案件查处、资产处置工作进度,影响自身及其他投资人的合法权益。该负责人还表示,投资信息登记不影响投资人依法行使报案的权利。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: