The market fell below 3000 grab a small rebound!

The market fell below 3000 grab a small rebound! The article from the WeChat public number: track gold (gudaocj) author: Yu Fei opened on Monday, short copy of the long posterior Weijian stock index opened sharply lower, forming a huge gap, rebounded slightly after killing Shangqiao trading. While Shenzhen is much weaker than the Shanghai stock market, the reason is small and medium-sized become a daring vanguard led by. So far, Yu Fei glad to remind you on Friday, on foot!" Yu Fei believes that if Tuesday continue to sink, then at 3000 points can be considered a small rebound! The Monday market stumbled, fell sharply tiaokongdikai, so in yesterday’s article JOYOU flying has said very clearly, again no longer. Today, the trend of the market once again tell us that there is no only up or down the stock market, therefore, the most important thing is to adapt to the market, rather than let the market to adapt to you! In the previous article, Yu Fei repeatedly stressed the discipline operation, a grappling in the market participants, if you do not hold the operation discipline, sooner or later is to suffer! When the market Powei, we must make a prompt decision to flee the market, even if it is wrong, it must do so! Because of this, on Friday, when the market down and soft Powei, Yu Fei in the QQ group and WeChat group to remind everyone to run away! Run away!" Now it seems that this reminder, so that everyone survived, very lucky! I just feel like Yu Fei, the market is not good, but in yesterday’s article in reason to say well, but did not expect so much lower, such a huge gap, presumably one thirty while is not a supplement! However, the market is like this, there will be a deep fall rebound, especially in the case of the market fell sharply, there will always be some funds to do short-term. Today in the pan to remind friends flying market fell to near 3000 points can grab a small rebound. If the market continues to sink on Tuesday, then fell below 3000 points can grab a small rebound! The point here is Yu Fei that is, in the face of market decline, we need to do is to calm, not blaming heaven, do not complain, do not scold, or find from their own reasons, more practice, to adapt to the market, because the stock market is a market risk, not stagnation or not, the most the key is how we should adapt to it, this is the right attitude! In today’s disk, we see how is the leek, green one! The Shanghai stock market trading prices, thanks to banking stocks pull, which perhaps is the national team in hand, so as not to let the index fell too ugly, no one dared to say whether this climb. From the Monday market, the market overall upward trend has been destroyed, systemic risk coming again, therefore, we can only do short-term rebound in, can not go on fighting! (Yu Fei) map of stock market post, investment prospect, limit prediction, as in the micro signal capture Niugu, [Phoenix] or [ifengstock] securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2相关的主题文章: