The mail door round Hilary said that conclusion will not change in Beijing kairui

"The mail door" round Hilary said that conclusion will not change – Beijing, Beijing, October 29 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 28, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced the resumption of the former Secretary of state Hilary Clinton? "Mail" survey. Hilary responded by saying that she believes any discovery will not change the FBI7 month to make a non prosecution conclusions. Hilary called on FBI to publish all the information it owns. She said FBI Secretary Comi himself said that the new information may not be very important, so it should be published. Hilary said, I am confident that they will not change the conclusions made in July." Data figure: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton. Hilary’s opponent, U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Trump, said the news of the resumption of the investigation welcomed. He in the New Hampshire campaign said, "I have great respect for the matter, namely the FBI and the Justice Department is now willing to have the courage to correct the mistakes they have committed a terrible." He said he could not allow Hilary to bring her "criminal plan" to the white house. FBI Kermit (James Comey) pointed out that the Council will take appropriate steps to determine whether the new batch of e-mail contains confidential information, and assess the importance of the investigation". 28, FBI director Comi in a letter to Congress in a letter said, "seems to be found in a number of new email about the" after he agree that FBI should take "appropriate investigative measures" to allow the relevant personnel to review these messages, to determine whether they contain confidential information. Data figure: local time on October 19, 2016, the United States, Las Vegas, 2016 U.S. presidential election debate is the last debate in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, third. Comi said he could not predict how long the investigation will last, it is impossible to assess whether the material is of great significance, he decided to put the above information to members of congress. Comi did not disclose the source of these messages in the letter. The Associated Press reported that FBI is in the investigation of former members of Congress Anthony Weiner? Sex scandal, found the mail. Weiner’s wife Hu? Is Abidin Hilary’s longtime assistant, was exposed in Weiner’s sex scandal, has decided to divorce. Comprehensive recent national polls, the current Hilary support rate of 5.2 percentage points ahead of Trump, the majority of the swing state’s support rate is also leading. U.S. media said, "the mail door" turmoil will make the Hilary campaign Road complex, and track the Republicans eager to take to change the election.相关的主题文章: