The gold hedging properties highlighted Bo deposit Campbell dividend 60 times a year-footman

Since the gold hedging properties highlighted Bo deposit Campbell a year dividend of 60 times the Securities Times reporter Du Zhixin opened in 2016, when Bo Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) respectively in January 9th and January 16th two release OTC share dividend announcement. From the end of 3 2015 years, Bo gold ETF OTC share deposit Campbell has dividend 60 times, almost every week in dividends. According to Bo index investment department researcher, with the characteristics of "gold deposit Campbell gold" and fund share dividend to set the relevant conditions. Gold ETF is a passive index fund, the net value of the fund with gold spot trading price flactuated, itself does not have the interest, but keep Campbell through the unique gold leasing business, active management and time management, through meticulous management, to find market opportunities to create excess returns, the fund will return back to the share holders through timely dividends. Bo gold ETF year continuous dividend, and the price of gold behind the mapping continued strong. Start to January 7th, just 4 trading days, the Shanghai gold exchange spot gold prices recorded a 4.8% increase over the same period, and the stock market, bond market and other investment market in stark contrast. Bo gold ETF fund manager Zhao Yunyang said, A stock market volatility and RMB price fluctuations, and global geopolitical issues, are likely to drive the gold market to continue strong, under the shift, in 2016, appropriate to increase the allocation weight of gold assets is a good choice. Data show that the Bo gold deposit Campbell ETF share since its inception in December 18, 2014, the performance of the asset investment income has always been outperforming the standard. Thanks to the treasure platform to promote the advantages of ant and a good market environment, Bo gold ETF latest size is close to 1 billion 500 million, become the largest gold ETF. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

黄金避险属性凸显 博时存金宝一年分红60次   证券时报记者 杜志鑫   2016年开年以来,博时黄金交易型开放式指数基金(ETF)已分别于1月9日和1月16日两次发布场外份额分红公告。从2015年3月末以来,博时黄金ETF场外份额存金宝已经分红60次,几乎每周都在分红。   据博时指数投资部研究员介绍,这与存金宝“金生金”的特性和基金份额分红条件设置有关。黄金ETF是一只被动指数基金,基金净值跟随黄金现货交易价格涨跌波动,本身不具备生息功能,但存金宝通过特有的黄金租赁业务、主动管理和择时管理,通过精细化管理,寻找市场机会尽量创造超额收益,基金会将这些超额收益通过及时份额分红回馈给持有人。   博时黄金ETF开年持续分红,背后映射的还有黄金价格的持续走强。开年至1月7日,短短4个交易日,上海黄金交易所现货黄金价格录得4.8%的涨幅,与同期股市、债市及其他投资市场形成鲜明对比。   博时黄金ETF基金经理赵云阳表示,A股市场震荡和人民币中间价波动,以及全球范围内的地缘问题,有可能驱动黄金市场继续走强,此消彼长之下,在2016年适当增加黄金资产的配置权重是不错的选择。   数据显示,博时黄金ETF存金宝份额自2014年12月18日成立以来,投资收益始终跑赢同期标的资产表现。得益于蚂蚁聚宝平台的推广优势及良好的市场环境,博时黄金ETF最新规模已接近15亿,成为国内最大的黄金ETF。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: