The first Cuba player CBA testing to permit college players not worse than anyone

The first CUBA player CBA testing to permit college players not worse than anyone else using Sina CBA sports news Beijing on September 9th news, with the league’s footsteps getting closer to the CBA side of the body is like a raging fire carried out once a year. The current CCTV basketball park program on the southern side of the body of the CBA conducted a full range of tracking reports. The test for the CBA year old players have been very familiar with, but also basically can smoothly pass, but for CBA rookie Guo Kai, Gu Yue Zhuo, the side of the body is to become the first to their CBA to the identity of the battlefield occupation athletes challenging ladder. On the first day of the special endurance test, the players are nicknamed "deadly seventeen fold" shuttle run as "civil aircraft" Gu Yue also burn a bit too much, but for the height 2.06, weight of 106.8 kg and Guo Kai, this is more of a challenge, on the edge of Foshan team Fitness Series the coach is on the sidelines reminding him, pay attention to speed and strength. The end of the test, to 63.9 seconds through the Guo Kaichang breath, excited mood he also played in the evening. In the three test in second days, Guo Kai failed to pass the 2 minutes of shooting at the same time, the errors in the bench press, canceled two results. Gu Yue is burning smoothly through all the test, get the CBA certificate. When in an interview with reporters, Gu Yue Zhuo said: "I think we represent not only our own, our representative is CUBA, is Chinese college students, we should Chinese for college students to breath, that college players do not have any difference." Although the test results have been mixed, but still can not influence the two rookie yearning for the new season. In an interview with reporters, two per capita is full of excitement and happiness, Gu Yue burning said: "very excited, very excited, because CBA has always been my dream, usually also always think, their first show will be what kind of, when you really entered the stage, came to his first moment game, what is a feeling." Guo Kai said: "I’m really looking forward to it, I really can’t wait to start the season, I also want to experience the rhythm of a CBA and experience every aspect of it that I’ve never touched." Foshan coach is also very optimistic about the two young men, he told reporters in the interview with the high hopes for the two: they will be in the next two or three years, to become a better player in the CBA." (Sri Lanka)相关的主题文章: