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Careers-Employment Matching people to jobs is a challenging task. The power and the vast reach of the internet are being used increasingly by organizations and recruitment agencies to swell their pool of search in a bid to find the ideal candidates for various positions. The most basic advantage of online recruitment is that it is particularly effective in getting better response in terms of numbers. It attracts infinitely more candidates than a traditional job advertisement placed in print media. That is only one of the advantages. When done properly, online recruitment not only helps attract the right type of candidates but also helps in streamlining the entire recruitment process. It eases the task of harried HR professionals and helps them in choosing the best candidates for various departments of their organization. Online recruitment has the potential of finding the right candidate for the job much faster than other means because of its wide geographical reach. There are tools that allow recruiters to sift through the hundreds of applications and choose the ones that truly meet the job requirements. Another major advantage is speed. The jobs that are posted online can go live within minutes. This helps in eliciting a faster response from potential jobseekers. For .panies that need to recruit staff to handle urgent extra work, this process is the ideal one. Online recruitment technology is not expensive. Recruiters save time on creating an advertisement, designing and printing it. By targeting the best recruitment sites available on the . they can save money and lower the overall costs of recruitment. The time saved by automating the pre-selection process represents considerable savings as the time taken to get the candidates into the interview room is drastically reduced. The online recruitment process can be customized to meet the individual recruitment needs of an .anization. Candidates can be sorted out to meet the needs of the .anization at the pre-selection levels itself. This can help in better quality candidates reaching the interview stage after ensuring that they meet the basic qualification and experience criteria. The future of web based recruitment holds lots of promise and potential both for the recruiters and the candidates. Candidates are using the web more than the print media to find out about jobs. The situation is clearly beneficial to all the parties involved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: