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Book-Marketing Michael Caine an English film actor is also a prolific writer and is well known for his high performance in film like Zulu, Secondhand lions, Inceptions, The Battle of Britain, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and many others. Nominated for Academy Award for acting he dominated in the industry nearly for forty years. His contribution in cinema was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II by awarding him knight. His new autobiography is The Elephant to Hollywood is about the castle in south London where he spent his early days. A slum of South London where he grew up gives elaborates the story of his journey to Hollywood. In true term it is whole about how from Maurice to Michael he turned up. The title is a symbolic representation of his journey to success. He unveils how he succeeded and survived as a actor in Hollywood. Caine was not born with a silver spoon. At the age of 24 his parents passed away. Tough cured from rickets his strong determination to achieve success inspire others. He describes in his auto biography how he was evacuated during the war. At the age of 16 he left the school and joined national service. Later on he got a break in film and became actor. It was the time when he was suffering much, got his girlfriend pregnant, married and divorced. At the age of 30 he got the golden opportunity in the film Zulu. It was the big break for him. This film scored him as the King of Cool. After a tough life he met and married Shakira and now, at the age of 77 he proclaims himself a devoted husband, father, grandfather. This is one of the Biography Books carved by a British actor. You can find out other Cheap Children Books Online . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: