The children’s Zinc recipe selection recommendation! e3300

The children’s Zinc recipe selection recommendation! [Abstract] we all know, the baby may cause zinc deficiency anorexia and poor resistance etc.. For children of different ages, the amount of zinc needed is also different. Seafood egg soup ingredients: fresh egg, small shrimp, clams in practice: 1 small shrimp chopped, Yellow Wine soak for 10 minutes. 2, clam washed, scalded with boiling water to make it open. 3, beat the egg and add salt, small shrimp clam, warm water, add chopped green onion, steamed soup can be shaped to fire. For 4-6 years old baby Recipes: cabbage, shredded meat raw materials of zinc: cabbage, cabbage, lean lean practices: 1 shred, shredded meat can add water starch thicken. 2, burning oil in pan, fry the shredded meat tender into the cabbage, add salt, MSG, stir fry, pour in a little water, starch and stir fry several times. Colorful fish soup ingredients: small yellow croaker, celery, carrots, fried pine nuts, fresh letinous edodes practice: 1 small yellow croaker washed to the bone in small cubes. 2, celery, carrots, shred letinous edodes. 3, pot into the oil, add onions ginger and stir fry until fragrant, pour boiling water, add celery, carrot, letinous edodes, fried pine nuts yellow fish, until fish cooked. 4, add salt, MSG, cooking wine and other seasonings, water starch thicken, pour on the little cooked oil.相关的主题文章: