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The child you are raising more and more insecure! These actions quickly corrected maternal – Sohu first look at the security difference between high and low – high sense of security: Children’s children: willing to express their views on their own evaluation of high and close to others will encounter new things to take the initiative to contact the security – low child: refused to strangers not afraid to explore not a person would not dare to talk to my classmates at home or when the conflict happens back to school love strangers and unfamiliar environment to new things, do not want to go to school so what parents can cause children lack a sense of security? 1 family life is not harmonious, parents often quarrel between family members and harmonious relationship, is an important foundation for children to establish a sense of security. For children, parents are his whole world, is a model of his life. If children often see the conflict between parents, the child will feel great anxiety and fear. Young minds will be covered with shadows. In this sense, parents can give their children the best gift, is a good marriage, which will directly affect the establishment of a child’s sense of security, as well as the impact of socialization, interpersonal relationships and many other aspects. 2 mother did not feel safe enough, moody child and his mother was the most intimate contact, if the mother often afraid of this and that, it will directly affect the always melancholy and moody, work and life attitude of children. Only when the mother has a sense of security and sense of value is not enough, it will not often produce anxiety. Confident, stable, mature, rational parenting attitude, not only to reduce the mother’s unnecessary inner consumption, but also to bring the child safe and peaceful state and temperament. 3 the child’s emotional needs are not being met many parents would take time to give children eat well worn, but did not spend more time to understand why a baby is crying, apart from some physiological factors, the children cry many times out of fear, anxiety, sadness and so on, these are the need to understand and embrace the parents. Maternal separation before the age of 42 about the baby 1.5 years old to 2 years old, mother child attachment relationship clear down. Mother infant attachment is the basis of multiple attachment, but also an important foundation for children’s future interpersonal relationships. If the mother of this island can give their children safe enough, they will be brave and confident to explore the world, otherwise they would not leave the mother, always stick to seek safety first by the mother. But life is always cruel, in the face of cruel reality we may be very weak. If you have to separate, dad must fill up. Is the core of all maternal attachment attachment, key spheres of father and child attachment is just the core package. In addition, if the mother and child under the conditions of separation, then please do harm to the child as much as possible to reduce. 5 parents emotional to child abuse of children, children make mistakes when the child lock the door, do not give children to eat相关的主题文章: