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"The Belt and Road" energy cooperation prompted natural gas imports Xinjiang port growth – energy – Xinhua Urumqi October 7th news (reporter Cai Guodong) Chinese energy cooperation with Central Asia showed a rapid development trend, this year 1 to August, Xinjiang port imports of natural gas reached 16 million 754 thousand and 800 tons, representing an increase of 15.58%, trade amounted to 28 billion 194 million yuan rmb. According to Urumqi customs statistics, 1 to August this year, Xinjiang Port imported more than 80% natural gas produced in Turkmenistan, the other from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia, which imports of natural gas pipeline transportation to 16 million 610 thousand tons, increased by 15.34%, accounting for 99.14% of the total; by road freight imports 129 thousand and 300 tons, an increase of 93.25%; imports by rail 15 thousand and 500 tons, down 45.31%. As the country’s first introduction of natural gas resources outside the country’s energy channels, the Central Asian natural gas pipeline in recent years has maintained growth momentum. Since the official since the end of 2009, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Chinese heads of state in Turkmenistan the first natural gas processing plant of co rotating gas ventilation valve, as of the end of 7, the Central Asian gas pipeline ABC line three of total imports of natural gas reached 108 million 81 thousand tons. Since 2003, China and Central Asian countries have launched a close energy cooperation. Especially in the "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative since the launch of the region’s rich energy investment opportunities, become the basis of mutual benefit and cooperation, energy investment led cross-border infrastructure projects is a basic prerequisite for multilateral cooperation. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: