The ancient Chinese what to wear in summer nlite

The ancient Chinese what to wear in summer? This year the "hotness" of long duration and high temperature are rare. How did the ancient Chinese spend the hot summer? If the same regardless of the costume drama Kuanpao big sleeve winter summer wear laminated thick? China ancient clothing style and structure are not the same, but each time the winter clothing indeed in style and not much different at all. Especially the ceremonial clothing, style and level are relatively fixed, usually including underwear, vests and jackets and a large number of middle parts, such as dress usually include sleeve clothing, clothes, shelter, etc. in unlined knee, only the fabric thickness difference between summer and winter, such as the "history of the Song Dynasty · Yu Fu Chi" provisions "the summer festival, officials, offering yarn at". Daily uniforms are relatively flexible, you can adjust the level of increase or decrease. "· Tang Liu Dian; Tang Dynasty official seasons Standard Dress records are included in the book", gown, shirt, and Kun hakama for the spring and Autumn period, but this summer, for the winter clothes in the clothing, with cotton, also added a sub jacket. The Qing Dynasty often serve as a robe, gown, summer dog days into the department work can not wear short, slightly hot and bitter, called "a free". As a modern etiquette and occupation occasions, complete set includes a coat, waistcoat, trousers, shirt, tie, shoes, no matter how hot the weather, most take off coat, vest and shirt, not because of the weather to wear shorts and vest slippers. The style is similar, it must make a fuss in the fabric, China thousands of years developed fabric weaving technology, had formed from a very thin fabric, yarn, Luo Ge to heavy brocade, velvet, leather fabric complex type, provides a rich selection of fabrics to meet different seasonal climate. The seasonal change with the seasons, generally in accordance with the yarn, Romania, silk, satin, cotton, leather, single clip, a large order of different materials and thickness of clothing replacement. The summer light yarn rogol unlined, winter heavy woolly fur clothes, "spring and autumn with satin, Xia Yisha, winter with fur, at any time as it should be". Kiyoshikuro Saayatsuka a sixty-eight generation Duke Kong Chuanduo dressed like a robe, covered with a transparent coat in the summer yarn robes in the record, you can see the seasons change, the government will change the standard. The Dragon Boat Festival gave Baiguan five complete sets of summer clothes, including "Yun Luo costume, red Luo embroidered belly, yellow T-shirt, holding small Ling Hu Le silk", and the two main fan, Ronaldo and two summer crepe fabric. The Ming Dynasty palace in early April four in the summer for the autumn of September for yarn clothing, dress, in early October four for limonene (silk satin bodysuit), cashmere, leather after snow…… The Qing Dynasty is more exquisite, not only in different seasons different fabrics, the same kind of fabric is also carried out more in-depth analysis, for example, has more than ten kinds of leather, formed a very detailed sequence from the locker, silk, cotton, single clip, Pipao, to all kinds of yarn, Luo Ge, single statistical gown, a year down to replace nearly thirty times the average material, less than a solar term will change a lot, have been described in the literature in Qing dynasty. As in "Yi Chong Dao Xian since one miscellanies" in the mind: the dress custom, replacement, there is order. By the winter mink clothing, where the Black Russian相关的主题文章: