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What Can You Expect From Tetherball Sets Posted By: vikram kumar Tetherball is the perfect family sport for a bright and sunny holiday. But you must get a heavy duty tetherball equipment like a standard 10 feet tall and 12 inches of zinc coated chain that is attached at the top of the pole. The chain must be easy to attach and the ball must be removed while it is standing at ground level. This entire unit is made out of the same strong 2 ad 3/8th of galvanized steel pipe that makes the tetherball equipment very durable and long lasting and keeps it free of rust. This heavy duty equipment is just the perfect choice for homes, schools and other public playgrounds. Tetherball is one of the newest sports that is catching on it America by and large. It is a single player sport much like tennis. The point of the game is to get the ball wrapped around a metal pole. The number of players at a time are two and the two players stand opposite to each other and play against the other. The field of the tetherball match is basically, a 16 feet circular area with a 10 feet pole made of metal placed in the centre.

tetherball equipment Playgrounds Equal Timeless Fun Posted By: Elizabeth Herring For many of us, going to the playground as a child was a fun-filled adventure. Playgrounds of the past consisted of traditional swings, single slides, seesaws, hopscotch, and sand boxes. Over the years, additional equipment, such as monkey bars, and parallel bars made their way into the playground culture providing kids with a way to exercise while having fun. Today’s playgrounds have come a long way from those of the past. The advancement in playgrounds includes elaborate play systems, twisting turning slides of various sizes, merry-go-rounds, and play structures. Swings and seesaws are still part of the playground scene but equipment has expanded with the addition of double seesaws and more elaborate swing sets. Playgrounds provide children the perfect place to run and play and can be found in several locations. Community parks are ideal areas for kids to gather along with state or county operated parks. The play areas are well maintained and monitored by staff and the playground equipment is periodically checked for safety and repaired or replaced, as needed. Parks are located away from street traffic and may be monitored by staff. Community centers are another location for children’s playgrounds.

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