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Taiwan DPP administration office meeting was naochang conflict scene original title: Taiwan DPP administration office Tinghui was naochang scene of the outbreak of violent conflict in Tainan hearing site, there are a number of people came to the downtown market. According to the "United Evening News" reported on November 12th Taiwan authorities "bottomdwelling" Japanese food transport Taiwan held 12 public hearing in Tainan district agricultural improvement field that will hold the first field, the outbreak of the conflict scene. Tainan city councilman Lu Kunfu, Cai Yuhui questioned the organizers practices illegally, ignoring the people on the island of health, the rate of several supporters into the venue, was pushing the outbreak, hot atmosphere. The vice chairman of the Council of agriculture Chen Jizhong said, the authorities insist that the nuclear contamination of food can not lose, will in order to ensure the interests of consumers, will continue to communicate with the outside world. Japanese food transport Taiwan from November 12th, hearing 13 days, 14 JCP arrange 10, Tainan, Chiayi this morning held simultaneously, only more than and 20 people in the venue. Cai Yuhui and Lu Kunfu arrived, led more than 20 people on the sidelines to pull protest banners, then come to the venue, from the folks, officials stunned, then they also overthrew the tea, scene of a chaotic data. Chen Jizhong shouted, don’t move our chief. Lu Kunfu irony, the Japanese nuclear disaster food you dare to eat it? Do you want to pay? Lu said last night he knew there was a public hearing, this approach is simply to secretly. This hearing the name "Japanese food transport station", is simply misleading folks, place the election in the agricultural field, and change the time in such a hurry, is illegal, the black box, it is recommended to find a proper time and place, open to the outside world in doubt. In addition, the day held in Yunlin, Kaohsiung public hearing, suspected black people led the intense physical conflict events and field admission officials broke out. Taiwan authorities Administration spokesman Xu Guoyong said that the people reflect the black people naochang turn table behavior has violated the obstruction of official and people suspected of impairing expression of freedom, administrative agencies have to ask the Ministry of justice "and" jingzhengshu "investigation according to law. Users: people are not quite their southern Taiwan network November 13th hearing DPP authorities held public hearings in Kaohsiung, Tainan and other places, to discuss Japan’s nuclear disaster food transport station, the outbreak of violent conflict. Some netizens criticized, it is not even of his own people, the DPP will come to a black? Chen Xiaodun: they did not shout at the time, non nuclear home, how now even the nuclear disaster areas are imported food? "People from Japan knew" meet back. The PLA soldiers: only more than and 20 people attended the hearing, also do not sneaking, this black box? Zhang: a lot of Japanese people are afraid to eat things, why do you want to buy to eat? Nuclear does not break up: open imports can be, Cai Yingwen and government officials take the lead every day to eat on the line. Facsie: even Tainan, Kaohsiung, south of their people are not quite, Cai "government" is also a way to go black? Come to your senses! Save editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: