Swatch Apple won’t be able to register in English iwatch” foldercure

Apple could not be registered in favor of Swatch iWatch" in English; careful attention should be paid to the trademark powder, apple electronics named most starts with I, such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod and so on, but the smart watch apple to Apple named Watch, this is because Apple in the "iWatch" trademark dispute. According to Broadcasting British Corporation BBC reports, the UK Intellectual Property Office (Intellectual Property Office) after the April hearing, this week formally adopted by the Swiss watch maker Swatch (Swatch) to submit the appeal materials, Apple will not be in the UK registered "iWatch" trademark. As early as March 2014, Apple has yet to launch smart watches on the occasion, Swatch proposed "iWatch" and "iSwatch" and "Swatch" trademark is too similar, easily confused, put forward the "iWatch" trademark registered against Apple’s request to the uk. At the same time Swatch to Apple has registered "iWatch" all the National Trademark Office approached, and expressed their protest. After comprehensive consideration, in 2015 Apple launched its first smart watch, named it Apple Watch". September 7th, apple held a new conference in San Francisco, launched Apple Watch Series 2. According to the U.S. government for the record, Swatch has taken action to prevent other companies registered trademark iWatch, Apple has registered trademarks in Japan, Mexico, Turkey and other countries iWatch. The wonderful video recommendation technology [] 27 meow meow Ming Dynasty astronaut is killed in plane crash recommendation: focus on Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat digital officer gets apple iPhone 7, the latest information, Purchasing Guide, a detailed evaluation, a video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: