Su Qun Retired kg of unwillingness of the 21 images is enough memory (video)

Su Qun: Retired KG of unwillingness of the 21 images is enough to miss? Watching music: Garnett 21 years Rongma years with advertising Beijing time on September 24th the longest in the morning, Garnett suddenly announced his retirement on video. That is all of a sudden, there are signs, because these days have been rumors in that he was negotiating and Minnesota buyout. In NBA, There are no waves without wind., point to the wind. We all have thought preparation. To be honest, for 21 years, it was his shirt number, which was perfect for the 21. This year he played 43 games in Minnesota, it is the first, but are chuanbangdai. But it’s not Garnett’s plan to retire now, he had a better plan, like a symphony, with a much louder ending, like a novel, to get the fans to read the last sentence, there is a better comfort. Last season before playing 38 games, Garnett stopped the game, he can not play, but want to completely let the legs rest, good strength to send the children in this season in the playoffs, and he and the kids together. He imagined a lot of scenes, although not as magnificent as Kobe parade, but not as low-key as Duncan. He even thought about what it would be like to play in Boston for the last time, because it was a place where he was grateful for his life and there were so many fans who loved him. But the situation is changing too fast, he has grown up, he felt the head wolf don’t leave, I’m afraid be inopportune or inappropriate. Back to the Timberwolves first home court, the opening ceremony of the big screen, has made such a sentence: "no matter where you have been, only a." Garnett thought so too, so he put his heart into helping Downes. Last season he played less than 15 minutes per game, but the young players here always felt his strength. But my teacher Saunders died, cut off the last line of human relations between Garnett and top. Long-standing contradiction between Garnett and Taylor’s boss, was changed to Boston, the main reason is that he wants to renew for three years in 60 million, and the boss think too much, say 12 million a year for 3 years, but when he was 31 years old. The boss felt his displeasure. He won the title in Boston, and for six years there was nothing good about the wolves. But in the end to return to the Timberwolves, or Saunders’s credit, is the boss and bury the hatchet. However, this year around new Wushirenfei, please Thibodeau power in hand, and general manager of small Leiden (when the Jazz Leiden Mister’s son) designed a new plan for the wolves. There is no doubt that Thibodeau’s ability, his arrival and the impact of the playoffs planning, of course, no problem, this year they are also very promising. But Garnett is not in the plan, so the buyout has become the most helpless choice. For fans like Garnett, the end may not be very harmonious, but 21 played for about 21 years, it is perfect, is not it? The 21 pictures below, some are not very common, if you have WiFi or sufficient flow together to revisit KG 21 years — 1994 Garnett last year of high school in the Farragut occupation high school play, averaging 25 points, 18 rebounds, 7 assists and 7 blocks. 199.相关的主题文章: