Straight down 30 yuan! 360 tachograph rearview mirror version of Tmall new network – in hot sale winsockfix

Straight down 30 yuan! 360 tachograph rearview mirror version of Tmall hot sale – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, September 13th,   the majority of riders long-awaited 360 tachograph rearview mirror landing Tmall 360 car version of the official flagship store on sale goods. New original price of 499 yuan, the first offer price of $469, the purchase of a successful user can also receive a random router 360, 360 smart cameras, 360 portable WiFi, 16G high speed card and other limited gifts. Limited number of interested owners do not miss! High Guangbai mirror was like good vision more clearly now widely used form of rearview mirror tachograph mostly uses the blue mirror technology, people commonly known as a blue mirror. 360 tachograph rearview mirror version with a high Guangbai mirror new technology, rare compound coating process to enhance the use of the mirror, ordinary light reflectivity mirror, reflectivity of 15% higher than ordinary products. At the same time, white mirror technology can bring better durability, life expectancy is more than 10 times the ordinary blue mirror. In addition, the 360 version of the rearview mirror tachograph compared to the original car rearview mirror slightly, users only need to use silicone bandage fix the product in the rearview mirror, you can easily complete the installation, no need to remove the original rear view mirror. It will not affect the driver’s driving vision, but also can save the space inside the car, and the vehicle interior environment. With the 5 inch high-definition large screen products, camera footage can mirror clear after you. In the driving process, the device screen can also be automatically extinguished, to ensure that drivers do not affect the attention. Good night starlight night vision can also shoot clearly the new 360 tachograph rearview mirror version of the continuation of the weather before the monkey version of the hardware configuration and software training, equipped with American A12 professional and Aptina Ambarella processor, AR0238 Ultra HD image sensor. The sensor of the same size, ordered millions of pixels, and increase the pixel by the light, less noisy, more vivid colors. With 5 full HD spherical lens and 43 layer coating technology, automatic filtering useless, noisy light pollution, effectively reduce the stray light reflection, improve the light transmittance, even in low light conditions at night are still able to get a clear view, ensure traffic safety. Sensitive enough 24 hours parking monitoring has been one of the guardian of the car parking problem for drivers, in the parking area of about vehicle safety, fear of collision passers-by scratch, afraid encounter bear children do. Today, with a 360 car rearview mirror version of the parking monitoring function, the owners in the parking can be more assured that peace of mind. Tachograph 360 tachograph rearview mirror version parking monitoring function and the market average is slightly different, the need to take power from the car battery, but in the power saving mode of ultra low energy consumption, parking monitoring using machine internal storage. When the car is turned off, the mirror version of standby Automatic Recorder 360, once the machine Built-in gravity sensor to monitor the body changes, it will automatically open the emergency video.相关的主题文章: