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Speaking And Listening English Makes Your Life Easy Posted By: Jack Miles English has become the backbone for most parts of the world and it turned from national language to international language for many countries. English is the main medium of communication for all these days. For developing countries like India, most of the official languages of the countries were replaced with English. The main reason for the extensive usage of English is that, it is one of the easiest languages used in international communications. To be on par with the world, learning English became very vital. From the past few decades learning English became main motto of many developing countries starting from India, china, Nepal, srilanka and many other Asian countries. As the global exposure is increasing day by day, it became essential to be able to write and speak English effectively. In particular while anyone are travelling to another country either as a part of education or as a part of job, clearing an English fluency test is a must. There are many entrance exams these days that test English fluency. Depending upon the country you choose to enter there are entrance exams respectively. There are different patterns in these tests and different scores to get qualified.

Speaking and Listening English Exam The Best Way To Be Citizen In Uk By Involving With Best Professional Posted By: Jack Miles In the whole world there are almost seven to eight thousand languages and its impossible for anyone to know all the languages of all regions. For this some languages are marked as regional languages, some are national and some are international languages. Among all these languages only some are used as official languages in different areas. The remaining ones are used for communicating locally. It is a huge difficulty to communicating with others, for the one who is visiting a different place with unknown language speakers. So there must be some common language which is to be recognized by almost all countries and all regions as the international language. This idea leads to the introduction of English as the international official language globally. Many such individuals are there from all over the world, those want to settle in UK or USA or the other countries with lots of opportunities in the fields of study, career and business. Each of the countries has different criterions. Anybody who wants to get the visa as tourist visa or permanent citizen visa of that country has to fulfill the criterions.

ESOL test for citizenship An Overview Of Fundamental Requisites Posted By: Jack Miles

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