Soybean enters the seasonal decline channel-soojin

Soybean into the seasonal decline channel, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With sales approaching, the recent Dalian soybean futures downward oscillation. The outer disk, dry weather in the Midwest to harvest, export inspection data with poor performance, the U.S. soybean fell. Spot, domestic beans beans oscillation adjustment, import distribution market steady. Soybean auction continued, and this week the supply of new grain pressure, weak demand, market trading light, soybean prices continue to decline. Post processors focus on the market purchasing power or the existence of a rebound. Policy support overweight in the background of promoting agricultural supply side structural reform, to actively respond to the "reduction of corn, soybean expansion" appeal, China’s major soybean producing areas of Heilongjiang province for the implementation of the target price subsidies, subsidies, subsidies for corn soybean rotation and soybean industry support policies, and strive to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic soybean. At the same time to change the domestic prop purchasing and storage of grain production, imports, inventory "three increase Qi" situation. It has important significance to improve the yield soybean farmers, thus fully mobilize the enthusiasm of planting large, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives and other new business entities to corn soybean rotation. The national grain and Oil Information Center predicts that China’s soybean planting area will reach 7 million 150 thousand hectares in 2016, an increase of 700 thousand hectares compared with last year, mainly due to the growth of soybean planting area in Heilongjiang exceeded expectations. It is reported that Heilongjiang province reclamation area sowing soybean 9 million 550 thousand mu, increased by about 3000000 Mu over the previous year, North and farming system soybean area increased by more than 20%, the northeast region soybean production increased significantly compared with last year. Supply pressure gradually increased, but this year the new quarter of soybean production growth is less than the growth rate of sowing area, the quality is not satisfactory. Since this summer, China’s southern region experienced heavy rainfall weather, the new season of soybean in Hubei and Henan areas of flood impact, mildew, soak the beans, has been listed on the new market highs, or drag Anhui beans, enjoys a price. The market is not optimistic, in July the western region and sustained high temperature fine and hot weather, serious soil moisture loss, after vortex and Lionrock rain also failed to restore the decline. This week, northeast new beans have been listed, the protein content is generally lower than last year, not suitable for processing, which leads to the lack of willingness to purchase protein factories and traders. In addition, in September 23rd, the national storage soybean auction rate increased, 4 percentage points higher than 23.54% in September 9th, inventory pressure continues to release. With the National Day approaching, the supply pressure gradually increased, demand declined, prices continued downward. Operation, recently, even under the plate of soybean broken 3730 tons support position, downward trend or continuation, short term may be high short. Copyright notice: all contents of this website, all sources: "futures daily" all text, pictures and audio and video information, copyright belongs to the futures daily, any media, websites or individuals without the permission of the network agreement can not be reprinted, linked, posted or discussed

大豆步入季节性下跌通道 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!      随着集中售粮期临近,近期大连大豆期货振荡下行。外盘方面,美国中西部天气干燥有利于收割,加上出口检验数据表现不佳,美豆收跌。现货方面,国产新豆振荡调整,进口分销豆行情持稳。国储大豆拍卖仍在持续,加上本周新粮供应压力大,需求疲软,市场交投清淡,大豆价格或继续走低。后期加工商集中入市采购,或存在反弹动力。   政策支持力度加码   在推进农业供给侧结构性改革的大背景下,为积极响应“减玉米、扩大豆”的号召,我国大豆主产区黑龙江省实施了目标价格补贴、大豆玉米轮作补贴、良种补贴等大豆产业支持政策,力求增强国产豆的国际竞争力,同时改变国内托市收储粮食生产量、进口量、库存量“三量齐增”的局面。此举对改善农户大豆种植收益有重要意义,因此充分调动了种植大户、家庭农场、农民专业合作社等新型经营主体玉米改种大豆轮作的积极性。   国家粮油信息中心预计,2016年我国大豆播种面积将达715万公顷,较去年增加70万公顷,主要因黑龙江大豆播种面积增幅超过预期。据悉,黑龙江全省垦区播种大豆955万亩,比上年增加300多万亩,北部及农垦系统大豆面积增幅均超过20%,东北区域大豆产量较去年明显增长。   供应压力逐步增加   不过,今年全国新季大豆产量增幅不及播种面积的增幅,质量也差强人意。入夏以来,我国南方地区遭遇强降雨天气,湖北、河南等地区新季大豆受洪涝灾害影响,出现霉变、泡烂的情况,目前已上市新豆行情高开低走,或拖累安徽豆开秤价。东北方面行情同样不容乐观,7月该地区西部等地持续高温晴热天气,土壤失墒严重,之后低涡和台风“狮子山”带来的雨水也未能挽回颓势。   本周东北新豆陆续上市,蛋白含量普遍低于去年,不宜加工,进而导致蛋白厂及贸易商收购意愿不足。另外,9月23日国储大豆拍卖成交率走高,较9月9日的23.54%上涨4个百分点,库存压力继续释放。随着国庆节临近,后市供应压力逐步增加,需求萎靡,价格或继续下行。   操作上,近日连盘大豆下破3730元 吨左右支撑位,下跌趋势或延续,短线可逢高做空。   版权声明:本网所有内容,凡来源:“期货日报”的所有文字、图片和音视频资料,版权均属期货日报所有,任何媒体、网站或个人未经本网协议授权不得转载、链接、转贴或以其他方式复制发布 发表。已经本网协议授权的媒体、网站,在下载使用时必须注明"稿件来源:期货日报",违者本网将依法追究责任。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: