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SMG trend: Sydney FC found free Holland away fish belly Tu SMG trend Sunday 001     FC; Sydney VS  Perth glorious game time: 2016-11-13 14:00 recommended: Sheng   score: 2-1, 2-0; FC Sydney on wheel home court 2-1 victory over the Melbourne victory, the start of the 5 game winning streak, substitute veteran David – Kanimei two Savior, his first goal in the shot before stopping when the ball was hit by the arm, but narrowly avoided the referee’s sight, coach Arnold praised the team after the game to show all the team spirit. Perth glory round home court 2-2 war Pingxi Sydney cruiser, striker Andy Keogh round scored his fourth goals this season, and the other 4 players tied for top scorer, the team before the 5 round of 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative, the only defeat is a 1-2 defeat in Brisbane roar, the main right defender Rees Deng was selected because of the Australian national team missed the game. Sydney FC new season fiery state, Perth glory has the strength to create trouble for the opponent, but away from the war on them is not a small limit. On Sunday 002     Peterborough VS Bolton time: 2016-11-13 20:15 recommended: flat, negative score: 1-1,   0-1 Peterborough last week made cup two game winning streak, the FA Cup winning team Chess’s 2-1 home court area, substitute striker Kulse Stewart scored two championship, Zhou Zhongying 2-1 away Barnett wins the B team, striker Angoor and midfielder Jermaine Inman resumed training, Anderson is still injured. Bolton last weekend’s FA Cup Home Court win 1-0 B team Grimsby, Zhou Zhongying Championship squad’s 0-1 defeat to Cheltenham, but they made 5 game winning streak in the football league, with 3 difference run top Scunthorpe midfielder Josh Vera after his suspension back, midfielder Platt, Mark Davies and captain Spearing and defender Thorpe continue to injury. Bolton in the League of the state is better, but the Eurasian index for their support strength is insufficient, Peterborough home court force well, have a chance to end the match winning streak. On Sunday 003     VS; Chestfeild Sheffield game time: 2016-11-13 22:15 recommendation: negative score: 1-2,   1-3 Chestfeild last weekend’s FA Cup victory over Chester Team B 2-1 guest contact, Zhou Zhongying guest 2-0 B Team Championships out of Crewe, but they in the football league has suffered 6 defeats, ranking dropped to the bottom second, the team is currently battling striker Gardiner, Wilkinson and Paul Mac, right back – midfielder angel Martinez and goalkeeper Tommy Lee are old injuries, injured midfielder O’neal in the FA Cup, this is questionable. Sheffield United in rotation was achieved under two.相关的主题文章: