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Smart parents check their children’s homework, which do you do? – Sohu maternal and child primary and secondary school students often need to check the work of teachers or parents, improper methods, no effect on the examination, the child’s learning ability is difficult to improve. Parents should learn to correct examination methods, to cultivate the ability of children carefully, think independently. 1 new children don’t stare at the homework and some parents love watching the child homework, a volume is found, or the wrong words, write wrong, while helping children while inunction, criticism, blame, blame the child: "what’s wrong, and wrong, always can’t change." "How many times, is not remember, irritating!" In fact, in this tense, anxious atmosphere, the child’s interest in learning and energy is difficult to open the door. This time, the parents how to preach he is not to listen to, but also can not change. Recommendations: first ask how much homework, then ask your child to do, we have to do things cautiously without any noise, not lightly disturb the child, he finished again by the following methods: check when the children of low grade, focus on examination of whether the write end is writing homework that is not correct first place, not to point out specific mistakes, but generally say, "well done, but this problem a little wrong, you look at" or where there are problems draw a small circle, let the children find the incorrect place changed. If the child to find out, and timely praise and encouragement. When high grade children read, focus on examination method Canada formula children is correct, and the results are generally not confirmed by the children themselves. This will be able to train their children to their own responsible, serious and careful study quality. 2 how to train the children to concentrate on the practice of writing a lot of parents choose, the children do not concentrate on homework, love procrastination, only a few questions also do half a day, how to do? "Time limit law" to correct the child to understand the amount of work, their estimated time to complete, and then consult the child, such as "Chinese 40 minutes to complete it? Can you finish it in 30 minutes?" If you find that children do not concentrate on homework to do the performance, as long as it is not too much, let him move a good, after all, home is a place to rest, much more freedom than the school. If the child’s attention is not focused, there is procrastination behavior, parents can be reminded of the side, such as has been done for 15 minutes, refueling!" "Halfway to appease the law" correct for example: found the child doing homework procrastination, parents feel must stop, can go to the child, stroking his head and asked "is not encountered problems do not want to go, mom and dad to help you?" This can pull the child’s attention back to learning. Usually, the child will say no problem, then the parents to show a calm expression: "I believe you will soon finish, mom and dad waiting for you?" This method, in fact, the first stop the child’s procrastination behavior, and then let the children understand: parents are concerned about him, I hope he will finish the work faster. The more responsibility相关的主题文章: