Simpson a will broadcast VR fragments of the official website of custom VR

"The Simpson family" will broadcast VR website a custom VR fragment carton familiar with us diffuse buddies strange to the "Simpson family" this animation will not play, the Tucao madman by many fans favorite beauty. In an instant, evergreen this animation industry has ushered in its own 600th sets, will also cooperate with Google, launched a commemorative Cardboard VR carton. In the October 16th episode "the Simpson family", will be staged treehouse of horror. With the usual difference is that the animated opening sequence will use VR technology, this section called "Simpson sofa pasturage" VR video will support iOS and Android devices, users will be able to watch by Google Spotlight Stories. Executive producer Simpson said, VR is a completely different viewing experience, found that every kind of hidden eggs will feel the traditional way of viewing feel fun in the process of viewing. The Simpson family is based on the virtual American town of Springfield. The drama by showing Homer Maggie Bart, Lisa and Maggie, a family of five, ironically sketched out a living in the United States the heart of people’s way of life. The film from a number of angles on the American culture and society, the conditions of the people and the television itself a humorous irony, is a family comedy film. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: