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Shenzhen women’s postpartum stunned: baby eye nose ear no (Figure) 8 times antenatal examination were normal but give birth to deformed baby women in Shenzhen Ms. Lin opened the phone, said he conceived in October, the whole family is looking forward to the birth of a child, for safety reasons, she has done 8 check 5 B Ultra. Did not think the last child was born, she almost fainted. What the hell is going on? Ms. Lin is 26 years old this year, after the end of last year, pregnant, in February this year, came to the Futian people’s hospital production, and intends to delivery in the hospital. August 26th, Ms. Lin successfully delivered a baby girl, heard the baby was born crying, Ms. Lin on the first time asked to see their baby daughter. Ms. Lin later learned that the original birth of his baby girl, the face of a serious deformity. "The nostril is less than half, the eyes are open, and the ears are not." This results in Ms. Lin almost collapsed, followed by postpartum depression. Ms. Lin said that because it is the first child so pay attention to. The doctor told the time of the seizure of their own schedule completed, all the results are normal. The 8 inspection of the production of 5 B ultrasound, which is to do a three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, when the child’s right side of the face, just by the child’s own arm blocked. However, to check the doctor, but Lin said that the child is normal. Ms. Lin believes that he had been drinking during pregnancy, the hospital opened a cold and other related drugs, in accordance with the relevant provisions, should be classified as high-risk maternal. After the event, Ms. Lin query relevant information also shows that their mid pregnancy amniotic fluid low value, this situation should also be classified as high-risk pregnant women. And Fukuda people’s hospital doctors did not do so. At noon yesterday, the reporter with Ms. Lin, found the Shenzhen Futian people’s hospital to understand the situation. "This thing, you are not happy, we are not happy that this thing, even if we use all means, or the incidence of misdiagnosis is about 1/10000, he missed it." As for pregnant women after taking medicine, as well as the emergence of low amniotic fluid value, no assessment of high-risk mothers. The hospital said it still remains to be identified by the third party. "If the assessment is wrong, is the responsibility of the hospital, the doctor of the hospital take responsibility, how much responsibility, we will not push, even if the hospital has certain responsibility, will also give a certain humanitarian." When a reporter to ask the person in charge to the hospital, pregnant women do three-dimensional ultrasound, if met Ms. Lin’s children, face obscured, whether you need to do the second examination, the hospital will answer. "Generally speaking, we would suggest doing it again. At that time did not." The responsible person said, currently has Ms. Lin’s data, all submitted to the third party accreditation bodies, the survey results for medical mediation department. Once the hospital has shown the fault, will assume the corresponding responsibility. Do so prolific check and B ultrasound, have not been able to check out the child deformity, which is not only a blow to the mother, the future of the child’s blow more incalculable. We can’t conclude that the hospital is at fault, but we can understand the mother’s mood. Also hope that the audience in front of the TV, if you can help Ms. Lin, you can get in touch with our program.相关的主题文章: