Shenzhen talent fair has a thousand annual salary of 20 million vacant post-splitit

Shenzhen talent fair has a thousand annual salary of more than 200 thousand jobs to Nandu news reporter Zhang Xiaoling the latest news! For the first time in Shenzhen talent fair talent Park, this year the General Assembly on an unprecedented scale, bright scene. There are thousands of annual salary of more than 200 thousand high-end talent, has the help wanted jobs, is Ping An Group and other famous enterprises human resources executive talent selection, education, teaching, leaving new tricks, but also staged a "government, the project capital docking". The eighteenth Chinese international hi tech fair talent and intelligence exchange, will be held on November 16th to 17 for the first time in Shenzhen talent Park held. This talent fair to "innovation driven, quality leading, talent power" as the theme, as an important part of Chinese international hi tech fair, the main content of the general assembly, a total of six sections, covering recruitment, talent policy promotion, Talent Forum, project roadshow, intellectual talent thematic salon, human resources services exhibition content. For example, talent and intelligence exchange, will invite 80 well-known enterprises or high-tech enterprises entering the recruiting, provide annual salary of more than 200 thousand seats more than 1000 high-end talent etc.. Human resources services exhibition will invite 50 domestic and foreign well-known human resources service agencies focus on display, promotion, etc.. Compared with previous years, this year’s Conference on an unprecedented scale, bright scene, meeting new urban talent policy promotion, win in Shenzhen venture roadshow, "Chi talent driven" salon activities in the three leading the trend of the theme, more prominent characteristics of high-end, boutique, specialization, market-oriented. For example, "win in Shenzhen" entrepreneurial talent wisdom project roadshow, thousands of people plan or will be invited to the elite returnees entrepreneurial financing to be landing the project site roadshow, so that entrepreneurs and investment institutions face to face interaction.

深圳人才高交会有千个年薪20万以上岗位虚位以待南都讯 记者张小玲 最新消息!人才高交会首次移师深圳人才园,今年大会规模空前、亮点纷呈。有千个年薪20万以上的中高端人才岗位虚位以待,有正威、平安集团等知名企业人力资源高管传授人才“选、育、用、留”新章法,还要上演一场“政府搭台,项目资本对接”的好戏。第十八届中国国际高新技术成果交易会人才与智力交流会,将于11月16日至17日首次移师深圳人才园举办。本届人才高交会以“创新驱动、质量引领、人才助力”为主题,作为中国国际高新技术成果交易会的重要组成部分,大会主要内容共有六大板块,涵盖人才招聘、人才政策推介、人才高峰论坛、项目智路演、人才专题沙龙、人力资源服务展览等内容。比如,人才与智力交流会上,将邀请80家国内外知名企业或高新技术企业进场“招兵买马”,提供年薪20万以上的中高端人才席位1000个以上等。人力资源服务展览会将邀请50家国内外知名人力资源服务机构集中展示推介等。与往年相比,今年的大会规模空前、亮点纷呈,大会新增了市区人才政策推介、“赢在深圳”创业项目智路演、“人才驾到”沙龙活动等三项引领潮流的主题活动,更加突出高端化、精品化、专业化、市场化的特点。比如,“赢在深圳”人才创业项目智路演上,将邀请千人计划或海归人才的优秀待融资待落地的创业项目现场路演,让创业者与投资机构进行面对面交流互动。相关的主题文章: