Shenzhen real estate transaction cooling part of the owners of 200 thousand real estate prices

Shenzhen real estate transaction price rose 200 thousand the cooling part of the owners of Shenzhen City real first-tier cities in the highest city, October 4th, Shenzhen also introduced the purchase of the new deal, a substantial increase in the proportion of down payment, including two suites Shoufu ratio up to 70%, so the strength of the purchase of the policy will to cool the property market in Shenzhen? Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of real estate agents in Shenzhen learned that in October 4th after the introduction of the property market in Shenzhen restriction policy, has been part of the second-hand housing owners began to take the initiative to cut prices, and a large margin. Shenzhen an intermediary sales staff Wu Yongxiong: now the owners of second-hand housing prices will have some sincere cash, their price range is not that before three hundred million and fifty thousand, it is now possible to 2289. The real estate agent said that the current buyers are generally watching, so after the purchase of the policy back, the transaction volume generally decline. Shenzhen an intermediary sales staff Wu Yongxiong: the data in the building a few days from the closing rate is basically stagnant, not like before large frequent transactions. Just need some property buyers told reporters that the recent Shenzhen rising prices make it difficult for them to accept, and the Shenzhen property market regulation and control policies, will curb investment in real estate, will bring prices fell short term, they need to wait and see. Shenzhen citizens Mr. Wang: I have been able to accept the limit, the latter may have to look at the market to save money. Shenzhen public Zhang: in the short term there will certainly be a role to go down in the city of Shenzhen in the long term, this is not allowed. The industry believes that the purchase of Shenzhen to tighten and improve credit Shoufu ratio, foreign investors will make buyers to raise the threshold at the same time, the Shenzhen real estate market turnover will decline trend, but because of the Shenzhen real estate market to the inventory cycle is small, the price does not appear rapid decline, and more likely to remain in the small the amplitude of the fluctuations. E-House research institute director Yan Yuejin: the price increase will be inhibited obviously decline basically is impossible, so I think basically volume will have a trend of decline, the price may maintain a stable or a slightly fluctuating trend. Song Ding, deputy director of Chinese City Council of economic experts: this policy will soon go down, go badly is not possible, so I think there will be a decline, but the intensity is limited, in the middle of the pattern I think the property market is still the main target of the property market control don’t happen. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: